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11 to write this song. So you know, I lived in 10 a fly New Jersey when I wrote the W what they end when the Nets went two consecutive finals back to back years. Yep, those great teams with Jason Kidd, Keith Van Horn, Kenyon Martin was the was Jason Williams with him, then no, No, he was It was after he shot the guy. That was now that was the Jason Kidd teams and in 2003, they actually played the San Antonio Spurs and lost in the MBA finals. But the before that now, you showing off into 1002. They lost to Shaq and Kobe and the Lakers and this great song, the Rising? My final answer is 2002. We tried to warn you, but thanks for playing along. You wish you went, said the sauce. That's right. Come on, Randy and Grand Rapids. A good effort. Thank you, Randy. Thank you, Randi. He picked the year 1986 know this song was written after 9 11. Yeah. Yeah, that's true. All right, we're gonna come back and talk with Michael in Del and Gary Meyers talking about Tom Brady. And the fucking years, second half of Bernie and sick. About to come your ways come up way Radio for New York and all of America. One of 71. W L I r FM, Hampton Bays and Special delivery of the Senate's I'm Dave Anthony Fox News.

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