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It ever occur to you to know that the snow was coming? Maybe just put the cooler next to the door, so that there was not a path that needed to be troubled to said cooler or just put the beer in the fridge. Doesn't even that easy. I don't know what happened. You didn't lose power, right? But you put your no power plan into effect. Slightly premature. It was like scripting. The 1st 15 plays that once you realize the defense's adjusted you can't adjust your like not scripted the 1st 15 place. Your trash is sent it to me. D A on CBS Again D a on CBS on Twitter or on the phones at 855 to 1 to four, CBS 855 to 124227. Brett Tweets hates Britain. Boise I want to trash the eight people who called in to work after already having a three day weekend. Thanks to you guys. I had to work 11 hours straight. Didn't even get to have lunch at a scarf down pop tart to potato chips while working so trash them overflowing landfill Hedley tweet from trashing the rat in Philadelphia, known as pucks. A tawny Phil. I'm not having six more weeks of winter enough already it was snowing and cloudy. How the hell could he see a shadow? If there's one thing I hate it's a lying rat. Get him out Trash flash brothers, more like the trash brothers. Read Phillips tweets. I'm trashing the CB, eh? The Chinese Basketball Association for their team names. They've got three Tigers two lions three dragons. And to team for the word golden in their names. Come on, guys get more creative, trash, um, stinky debris. Send us your trash Is d A on CBS? Steve Tweets. I'm trashing the CBS sports promo that repeatedly plays more as choking. Can't talk Can't back. I'm literally in tears every time it plays. My family thinks I'm having crying spells. Hashtag family intervention. Hashtag get him out! Warm, sizzling garbage. Can't talk. Can't talk. By the way, I really need an update on the Raza's burst pipe from yesterday, which happened during the show, but we won't do it here. But at some point this show I want to address Ah, pipe that burst in Miranda's home during the show yesterday. Which really conjures up images of Eli urinating on the cable box. No, also I want to address pucks. Tony Phil what he sees today and ground Hog's day and what we should be rooting for, etcetera. The first that we have our headlines, and that includes Andrew, Bogus and the LeBron Situation, Andrew Bogus. Good morning. All of these theater sponsored by progressive insurance with insurance for cars, home boat, motorcycles, RVs and commercial vehicles at 1,.

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