Jonathan Blake, Spain, Catalonia discussed on Global News Podcast - Pro-independence Catalans Defy King Felipe VI's Warning


This is the bbc the details of our complete range of programmes durtoux bbcworldservicecom forward slash podcast welcome to the latest global news recorded at thirteen hours gmt on wednesday the fourth of october on jonathan blake we they selection of highlights from across bbc world service news today coming up the head of the catalan police force has been summoned to testify as a suspect before spain's high court as the fallout from catalonia's is independence referendum continues what happened on last week which the spanish police tried to get access to just abundant is to stop it happening they declared it done but also to get the finances from the one government department a ministry also in the podcast the british prime minister theresa may has struggled through a key speech interrupted by a protest and threw a coughing fit and we transport cut the johnson's wages the girlfriend of the gunman who carried out sunday's mass killing in vegas has returned to the united states and is talking to the fbi and later mocking sixty is since sputnik the first manmade satellite that marked a milestone in space exploration but first catalonia will declare independence from spain in a matter of days that is what the leader of the autonomous region has told the bbc this after spain's king felipe pay the six said the votes organizers had put themselves outside the law also spain's high court has summoned the head of catalonia's regional police force to testify he's a suspect in an investigation into how national security forces were prevented from raiding a catalan government building to disrupt preparations for the vote.

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