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ESPN radio these can happen SiriusXM channel lady that was from the UFC two forty six press conference earlier today in Las Vegas as my colleague Markham Monday asking Conor McGregor just how quickly he can return to action if all goes well she walks away relatively unscathed on Saturday night against Donald's Roni and he has lofty goals for twenty twenty says he wants to fight at least three times maybe four told me on Friday that Hey if all goes well if this goes like I think it's going to go why can I fight next next month now it's not gonna happen next month is a paper view already booked in Houston and it's it's all filled up they're not gonna put him on a card but I threw out a very what I thought was a very interesting theory on ESPN dot com this morning you can see the articles up there now what if Conor McGregor defeats styles from the a relatively quickly on Saturday night what if he knocks him out in like two minutes could he possibly turn around and fight on March seventh here in Las Vegas March seventh there's a paper view the T. mobile arena is a common event John Waley twenty NJ check strawweight title but the domain of it they want Israel to death sannyasa to fight your Meryl they're having issues with the last Airbender contract issues they can't agree on terms Conor wins flight a made in their muscles here he's training he's holding a press conference tomorrow he wants that fight mas little Connor HG Conor whose mind Conor anyone Connor Nate Diaz Connor makes are getting surgery he's good can they turn it around can they come to terms with Connor they need a main event he says he wants to do it so I thought that answer was very interesting questions interesting gonna mark for asking let's go back to the phone line to say hello to Nina in Los Angeles Nino what's up I mean are you there Nina going once all right let's go to Tanner in Chicago tenor Ariel what's up Ariel Hey what's up first saw this one say no thanks for taking the call of the pleasure talking on a student journalist myself and you cover the most badass sport in the game so thank you for taking the call respect so my question for you is it is Connor were too and certainly I don't hold that this happened I don't think that this happened but if Conor were to lose the cowboy but he still wants to continue his fighting career should he possibly consider moving to a different camp especially after all the you know over internalization of the you know the whole John Kavanagh comment about kind of running the camp and I think Lou Thomas had like a really interesting quote about Hughes talking about his camp talks like talk about him as if he's like a dictator so you know he's kind of surrounded by yes then should you consider moving to a camp where he is coach by people that won't just treat him as if he's a god listen Akon has been with the same guys since day one in fact he brought his his early you know his first boxing coach Evers first combat sports coach Phil Sutcliffe two time Olympian from common boxing club he brought him back say what you will about Conor McGregor the person the fight or whatever you want this man is incredibly loyal he's not doing I went back and listened to my very first interview with him in two thousand thirteen and the one thing he said in an interview that stands out to this day he said I will never leave Ireland I will never leave as BG I'll never turn my back on my team I look at this corner it's the same guys own Roddy John Kavanagh Sergei the wrestling coach Arden low but same dies what is this ticket will be talking about these are the same guys look at the success they had together for all those years you think it was those guys that lost the the hubby platform the maybe the four days of partying in between you know training sessions maybe it was that or maybe it's just that for me was better how about that maybe that's possible and then prior to that was a Mayweather fight which he was fighting I was forty nine and OO are you the guy who was know going into that boxing match in boxing right so I mean I think it's a little much I think Jon's comments were twisted and maybe taken out of context who cares what they say to all of us really who cares do you really think that a guy with this much at stake with this much to lose it's just going to go out there and and not surround himself with people who are going to make a better look at the end of the super sizer superstars they can do whatever they want he's gonna put himself in a position to be surrounded by people who make him comfortable who he trusts who have his own a interest in mind best interests the ridiculous thing he's not leaving these guys record in music anyway let's say that we will have a couple minutes I I don't I don't I don't understand how they only give us an hour here on is better what could they possibly be talking about tonight other than UFC two forty six the return of coming back we've got like two minutes left and I promised my grammar committee were really late to get to market and that's on me but we had so many calls every mark are you there two minutes yes it's burial it's actually in and a half it's mark Fuhrman UPS P. N. dot com he's the one that asked that question to con McGregor and so let me ask you this you ask them the question about the quick turnaround do you think if you wins in two three minutes that he actually can turn around and fight on March seventh and if so who would you become against it seems like that's on me there isn't doing and and up on you at the why would you what kind of back in I mean this week not not even not even two months cool I book against the abbey it it just the gauge if you like you the bell toll is is Jorge Masvidal back from mine I know yet and this is after the date yet right I mean like like Congress at the press conference lot line up well I mean there are possibilities but that that potential fight if it's gonna happen I really in a relatively short amount of time mark this your best appearance ever on any of my shows thank you very much sure contributions but we're at a time I'm bad I love you very much this is been incredible thanks everyone for tuning in thanks everyone back in Bristol T. S. T. and co it's been a great night here in Las Vegas they only gave me the only game in our could you believe it bar back on Saturday for three hours so we got a lot more discuss for now we say good night hell on the show ESPN radio the absturz XM channel eighty thank you so much for listening thank you so much for joining in and gone we love you all and we'll talk to you on Saturday the new ESPN app now with ESPN plus baseball hockey soccer college football you want more I hope so because with plus you get new film shows and docks the new ESPN app download now ever needed self storage knows what a hassle it can be you have to rent or borrow a truck and then find someone to help you move your stuff and let's face it moving furniture and heavy items without damaging them isn't easy renting the unit is worse the hidden fees an admin costs are scarier than the dingy facilities you're leaving your stuff then why not use classic box instead cluster boxes self storage without leaving home they'll pick up her belongings store them securely.

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