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Which I'd much lower price guy, and it's nothing against Ramsey. But I look at this. And I think, you know, teams want to have a certain spread age wise, I know a league players, and it'll be veterans, but you know, blades maturity is twenty eight twenty nine. He's the over thirty or sorry, piano is getting there, it seems that on this team, the only people midfield and attackers who are not in that kind of twenty eight to thirty three or world. Arrange are correct me. If I'm wrong here in terms of Michelin attack. Our EMMY Sean desk, and deba- Benton Coa, and I'm back course, or how old is this Douglas cost is I think he's twenty seven twenty. I think he's getting there. He makes. Because you remember he had all those years in Chuck before going to sound like you went from Brazil to buy her heal these years in the Ukraine before that. So I look at this anytime like is this really all you want another veteran, tactically, even though you felt his prime who Radzi twenty eight. I wouldn't say nothing nothing. He's old. But what I'm saying is this is not if you sign twenty-eight-year-old player, I think you could have a couple of guys like that on your team. But you've strategy has been, you know, between him Qadeer and blaze maturity is these vast experienced players on enormous amounts of money where older who effectively don't have resale value because nobody else in the world is going to give Aaron Ramsey two hundred fifty grand a week if they have to pay him a transfer fee as well. So to me that means that you're going all in on Aaron Ramsey, effectively kind of have to be making Ramsey your highest paid player exuding, John Renaldo, and actually no it would be more think the again, you would know to me, but the official you've number for the balance six and a half, whatever it is. But but that's where you are. Right. So that's why I would have gone on a different direction unless unless there's some facts that we don't know and they're gonna sell Canada. And by the word you bottle for the money. But then that's why you never to be a situation. Everybody gets old all of a sudden questioning of what you said about the possibly ditching Vala, it's fine. But if you do that, you know, you've been in you have to buy another strike or at some point, right? Because. I think they should. Just because I think anyone's really happy in this situation. But I do also believe that for me, I'm not really into buying very young players, and creating the seem I think it's wonderful. But I think for the levels that you've just wanted to be I do think you need an average age where pay is all twenty eight and in that prime incapable of executing what it is. And then you bring in all this that learned from them show that there are there's always youngsters being watched and looked at. But I'm not really fond of just bringing a bunch of kids in the way that you know, for me he's like sensational, but it'd be a part of me that we have so much to him. And so I'm I'm all right with that. And I think with the figures between that and play like a bunch of. Have rachana. And what what Allegra loves more than anything is a guy who makes cleverness ashes into the books, which is something that Ramsey knows. How to do? He comes also with commercial revenue because you know, he's a player. So I don't get this thing at all. I think this is one of those buzzwords nonsense that people come up with we live in Great Britain makes the enormous Welsh market with a I don't know crazy. But you've love a guy who can speak English in the interviews because they think it will bring otherwise parameters to give all the interviews since he's the only person there speaks English parts. Chesney talk to. Right. Yeah. They're just saying that's a lot of money to spend. And I think that it's. We're an arsenal. Sympathizer..

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