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The fox bent sportsbook after they got tased him hill. In the saints. Two and a half point favorites in atlanta saints have won back to back games with tastes in maine for drew. Brees tom spas in the nfc. Make i like the saints here. But should he be on upset alert absolutely and that's a shame because their defense the last five weeks is first or second in everything and has cam jordan came on this show in the summer and told us there's nobody he likes. Playing more than the falcons did you know. Cam jordan has more sacks on matt ryan than any player has on any quarterback in nfl history. In fact the is seven. Sexual matt ryan in their last two games two games seven sacks one would think wow the saints should roll then unfortunately for the saints their starting tied into quarterback and unfortunately for the saints. This is the second time where he morrison that falcon seem. We're gonna get to see this tight. End cost players a quarterback and this is going to be the first time that they morning after the game folks are going to start saying so who you get. Yeah they probably should go with james. Oh i have the falcons. The falcons are gonna win gonna win. There's a reason that the line is only two and a half point. It's almost like our friends in in. Vegas are begging you. Darren you to pick the saints. Take the saints their nine into two. They're laying less than a field goal. How could you not bet it while. Because they've got an age back at quarterback and that ain't right and so yeah. I think the saints lose this week and brandon and i think the the saints star having this discussion a drew brees is not back in a couple of weeks when we are taking on. Don't don't start saying this. We don't start at hand. We run the risk of playing tastes them again or do we need to move to jane. Johnson that football. Don't start this. He's just winning ball games. That's all taste is doing just winning. That's all nick. You're not happy with winning when you become a general manager you have the potential to be general manager of an nba and nfl. You could be the next guy that go from television to you can do no. No you probably talk show plant or the other one so when you if he ever become general manager so it sounds like you won't be happy with winning. That's all tastes meals so look. I think you're off. Nick i think the falcons are are really good team right now. Since raheem morris has taken over the st jude on upset alert. And why because of the man. I just talked about rahim. Moore's before him they were owing five now. They were showing signs of being a really good team. Just had some bad brakes but then all of a certain. Make the move now. They're foreign to their six in scoring offense fifth in scoring defense. This is a really good team. However there's one man in new orleans that's having his best year ever and i was hard on them before two years started in. He is absolutely getting it done right now. And that is coach sean payton. It's almost reminiscent love last year season. The pittsburgh steelers. Mike tomlin how he was able to galvanize that team no matter what adversity hit that locker room and he was able to find a way to get the job done now in the steelers went eight and eight. But who would have thought after having quarterback the quarterback of the quarterback go down that that team would be in that position late in the season. The new orleans saints men. They're playing great ball. Mike thomas goes down mike. Thomas goes down. I first game of the season drew. Brees goes down all this talk about who the saints are and now they're finding themselves with this type of record great job showing peyton. I think they get the job done this week. But it's going to be a close one. They should be upset alert. Kevin yes so. I think this is a statement. Game for hima morris like you said he's four and two should really be five in one because you're the how many put they've put up. Forty beat the vikings and they lost to the lions because they scored too many points remember. That was the todd gurley. Don't score and like. I accidentally scored end up losing the game so that should actually be a win. And i know it's not official if you go onto. Nfl dot com. But in the kevin wilde's dot com. If you on my records. I have the falcons. Pencils is a win there. So that's a win panthers. They put up twenty five to put up thirty. Four in the broncos then last week they put up. Forty around the raiders. The problem is nick just like you said nine points against the saints. So it's like all right first time seeing tastes him hill. I'm still sort of a new coach but now you get them again. So there's gotta be you know you can put points on the board. You gotta be for remorse. I think we don't know what his future is going to be. If he can come out and beat the saints and put up a lot of points so it's not just written off as like you want you beat now. You beat the saints defense. I think this could be a signature win for him. Maybe becomes the falcons coach next year. So i don't. I agree with the second part. Could be a signature win..

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