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For a solid chunk of his of his senior season high school, he was the number one recruit in his class. Yeah. And Jack Jones sound I don't think he was number one, but again, it's the same thing where he's a 5 star recruit and obviously that potential wasn't recognized USC in the Arizona state, but the Patriots see that and say, well, there's something here. There's clearly something here. Can we tap into maybe what that detour, the year off juco, that might have put him off the track? Can we put him back on the track? I think that's the thought process here. Again, and I feel this way with a lot of the picks. They made throughout the three days. The NFL drafts about adding good players. They added good players. The questions for me are more about the guys they did not, you know, somebody at the chat brought up collusion here. I look at this point in the draft, whether it's Jalen or morte Davis, whether it's McCollum, whether it's Tariq woolen, right? To me, it's about, you know, there's going to be this draft is the potential to have a lot of revisionist history. I think Jack Jones can play. It's just did they take, I think they took a guy, it's just that they take the right guy. Yeah, we're going to be playing that game, I think, with this draft, like you said, for pretty much every pick that they made. I would say with Cole strange is not necessarily comparing him to players at his position. It's just comparing him to players that went in there and hit daxton hill is going to be the one. Right, daxton hill went after him, quay walker went to pick after the Patriots original Duffy went with the pick the Patriots traded to Kansas City. Kair elam went to buffalo a few picks after quay walker. So those are going to be the guys that you're going to say, okay, well, you had in this ten pick range. We had all this defensive talent and we took the guard. It's not so much about Cole strange. It's not so much even about the guard position. It's just really more about who they could have taken. With taekwon Thornton in the second round, sky Moore, George pickens Alec pierce. They all went in that ten to 15 pick range. So we'll see. For better or worse, that's what these guys are up against. They're up against comparing the guys that at their position specifically in most cases, the guys that went around them and the guys that were clustered around them on the board. All right, let's move on to the running back that the Patriots selected in the fourth round, one 27 Pierre strong from South Dakota state..

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