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But when he couldn't Wyman suggested that they just use machete and metal baseball bats. That's fucked up. Salah agreed he would only be the driver. And ymer continued to keep in contact with sleepy John By texting since. He was still grounded all. Cuisine testified in court on September tenth two thousand eleven a day prior to the gruesome murders, he was at y Mas residents with my Mo- Salat and some friends. Sleepy John arrived in the group met up in wine must driveway. Qassim sad that John? Junior was frustrated and. Talking very fast. Pacey. Almost like he was in a panic. He was telling the group that he wanted his parents dead that day. And then left Cassim and slot left for a while, but when they returned. Why confronted them? Sleep John wanted the murder done that day. Casino slot left again, but returned later on that evening after receiving a text from Lima. Now why must a little like? He's got people at his house like they're kind of having a party. There were actually people who saw them meeting up. anyways. Why am I explained to them that sleepy John was going to call him on skype later that night about a quote. Unquote concert. Was a code word. He set up to give them the green light to let them know that his parents were asleep and they were good to go and housing kill them now. Wimal later in his testimony says that the code word was actually used, or it was supposed to be used for sleepy John to say that he had killed his parents, and they need to come over regardless concert. Was the code word but I think that they. Obviously. They were going to kill his parents. So cuisine arrived around one forty. Five am on September Eleventh Sleepy John called Y on skype and use the code word. Lima reached for the metal. Bats and Salat drove cuisine and wine to sleepy. Johns home. Slash drop them off and cuisine told him to drive around until gave him the signal to pick him back up. So slow left sleepy John was waiting outside supposedly with a miner's helmet to signal CASSIM and Weimer from behind Bush. With the Light He then lead them towards the garage. He opened the rear service store and told them that his parents were sleeping upstairs. Cuisine testifies that he saw multiple stacks of money on a counter in the garage all in hundred dollar bills..

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