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Yeah like she absolutely would totally true. Although I do feel bad having never thought having never given this more than eight seconds of thought I feel really bad for Tasha Yar having to kiss data when he has no. So what is that like? Oh she's using a mouse with no saliva would feel like a leather couch right. Yeah it's like kissing tongue kissing a cat is you gotta do is actually rough. Yeah man paper in their Dherinia and Shit that Iranian Mesh. Yeah it's like making out with the whole of the enterprise can't feel good know. Some people must be into that though you imagine ration though I mean rock-hard oh yeah derain hard and for as long as you like All right let's move on Picard and Troy Room over a child that she lost named Fad Picard promises that he sold. You're going to be out of their hair. As soon as he figures out their next move and Troy is understandably worried about her daughter. Yes this is the other side of Reichstag as long as you want. We'll batten down the hatches. And repulse any invader and troy's like Actually you know our daughter worry about her you. You haven't seen apparently so here's the thing about being a broken person. Reicher Troy. He's only visited two times as far as I can tell since the series is over the movies are over like He he he and he forgot one of The Times. He stopped by when dad was just a baby Bright it's so weird to he. He just phantom of the opera everybody on his Chateau in France Yeah I mean I think it. It adds a little color to the whole scenario. Like you under you. Start to understand more. About how broken of a man. He must have been at point. Because we haven't really seen the aftermath of star of the federation like saying we're not gonNA use our starship to help you out anymore. Yeah we we saw the immediate aftermath. But psychologically we haven't seen the fallout right So moments like this. I think shed a lot of light on the demand card as is GonNa say I I love love. Love this moment where troy sort of steels herself before she walks into that room It says so much. In that moment she is closed. Her eyes takes a breath and then puts on you. Know a happy face essentially. She says they're fine but she's clearly like fighting back tears. It's yes I don't think he ever get over that especially since it. I don't think it's been more than a couple of years in the past. It doesn't seem like yeah Not sure how long it's been win win win. Did the sense attack. Fourteen years ago but they said that would have been eighteen. And I don't know these timelines straying. I was thinking that is going to be eighteen. That means Reicher and troy had like a toddler in the nemesis timeline. I don't remember them mentioning anything about it. I've only seen that movie once. Yes I think. That's how the time line would work out unless I'm mistaken. You can have kids on starfleet chips. Now they said that Our kids grew up on starship. That's why they invented this home world now that I I enjoyed that When I didn't enjoy in fuck you for making me now not be able to notice this but you're right the music on this show just the baseline first of all. There's too much of it. Yeah it's like wall the wall and it just follows the emotion. The scene so close comes off as cloying and I don't know how to explain it like like just individual turns of expression on actress face makes the key gopher minor to major or it reminds me a lot of like Forgetting Sarah was up forgetting Sarah Marshall. Jason Segel's character. He composed music for the Shitty. Like syndicated crime series. Parodying like all he does just like Meyer. It's the most generic. It's not even generic. It's IT'S IT. It actually detracts from to seem. Though 'cause I noticed kept on noticing it like It it's like the show doesn't have the confidence and maybe maybe rightfully so to just say like we're going to let this moment stand on its own. Yeah we're GonNa let you get through the performances and the directing what you're supposed to get emotionally out of the scene. It's like punch it up. We need we need something here because it's just not working. Give us a music. Cue and I thought a lot of stuff here work as far as from an emotional from an acting from just affection for use character standpoint but I do think the dialog wasn't helping them out and a lot of different. This seems fine but the one later on choice talking about positive traffic matrix and all that Yeah we'll we'll get there we will So we go back to the US arena. Where Riaz realizes they're being followed by Someone Eric. And they decided to shake him There's a Romulo snakes ship. Apparently yet. Yeah you get snake leaf. You got snake this. The twenty th century is obsessed with snakes fan. Sure yeah he gets the snakes in the grass. I Dunno smoking state grass so Girardi expresses some second thoughts about being on this mission. She wants to go home and trying to figure out why roffe offers to get her some some Dank snake leaf or or cake which whichever works for Giradi. She's going to be making some snake snake. Leaf butter okay. There are a couple of things here. We're GONNA write that cake that I just. I cannot abide okay. First of all Romulo Visit Cubes Man. This fidget spinners are such a fad. That have already gone out of starter. You're showing your ass already As far as aging yourself. This is like putting Romulus pogs into the show. This will not be a thing ten years from now. No Kid will know twenty years from now. What a fucking fidget spinner which might actually make it cooler like if he dislike has this thing. He's fidgeting with all the time and you don't know what the thing is it's more alien right. I guess like as opposed to like Romulus playing alien you know Ronald mah-jongg and Romulo Briggs cubes three dimensional chess worked for me. I don't know what's a game of three dimensional chess while he's Paiva. Yeah or some. That would impress me. Maybe haven't hit that snake leaf. Pipe make it work. This is endemic scourge. That's like it's like the opioid crisis in the twenty first century. As snake leave sweeping the galaxy yeah In the snake leaf gutters the other thing about this scene which blows my mind. Is that really makes a big deal about Eric or the ship. Just being barely out of sensor range like just on the edge of their sensors can't quite get a lock on it. He's doing such an amazing job. Piloting the the boundaries of where they can detect him and they show a shot where you can see. He's can't be more than a kilometer away. we'll get our sensors that can only sense kilometer away men so rarely star Trek. Is this noticeable? But like if you take a shot every time WARF says ship is approaching. Its three hundred thousand kilometers away and then they show the external shot and they're like five football fields away from each other. Okay and it's the idea of like zipping around half impulse power which I always understood is like half the speed of light like elmo Guinea sub light combat in Star Trek should just be like a blur. No one can see anything going on. But instead the ships are due any stately banks and slaloming and taking these slow potshots at each other. But yeah it's really. It's very obvious when they show a shot from underneath their ship and by and they're making a point that like he's just outside my age. It's stupid if he had. If you had a space rear view mirror he'd see the right. You can look out the back window. And so here's a question I've got. Why doesn't Nerik ship cloak? Because then then they could do a whole bunch of stuff like you know Rio says I because I believe the real ship has got like military grade stuff these price souped up because he starfleet former command officer and say how bad asked US SNAKE SNAKE. Leaf ship his. It's true and then. Why wouldn't it be a equipped at the cloaking device and he could be getting tacky on disturbances that he's you know the last few times. I've made a minor course correction. I've seen this off the thing. And but now they just have him noted feel too much like a star Trek Old Star Trek episode. Yeah yeah the use their brains to solve problems instead of the broncos. Yeah no I see. I've got the actual solution here. It's because the cloaking controls are on the left hand side and he's just fidget. He can't he can't put that damn thing down right right. You can't reach it with. His other hand has got crippling. Romulo CD right. It's really inter- for me. At the performance of his job do this. He needs to get some some help. He's a check himself into this disturbed wing of the glow the Borg Cube. So then we go back to car trying to keep Reicher from knowing too much about the danger there. In as Reicher makes pizza regular introduced himself to so g than her and cast her head into the woods after. Soji learned this language in two minutes which causes breaker to use that the towel. She are after her because she's data's daughter and then he warns Picard. He can't control the dangerous situation quite the way. He used to Sweets wood-fired Pizza of GAM. They're really really like go into that. In like a breaking bad here as much as as much as they can What did you think about so jeeze? Data trademark data head. Till like. There's been none of this before you're right. You're one hundred percent right. I don't I don't know how to explain. She would suddenly have this tick is going to stop using contractions now to like. I suddenly cannot use contractions captain. What's what's happening. Yeah little on the nose. I mean honestly she. She just dropped the fact that she read a whole fucking book in two minutes. Like you don't need to do the the head tilt I don't understand well. The head tilt was like I guess. Reicher must be familiar with synthetics in general to know that there would be a distinction between the way the data tilts his head in the way that a regular synthetic tilt his head. I don't know because what does that even mean. That's all just that those were all just a personal quirks soon. Gave the data right. It's that's the thing that tips. It's not like if you have a positron brain. Your head has to tilt to the left at four. But that's the thing that tips off that it specifically data's daughter or has dated DNA which whatever the fuck that raid. Yeah it's yeah it's the. I'm just saying the metaphors. A little bit muddy doubt regular knows about the practical Naronha cloning and shit like come on because I mean that's the thing I guess I would believe if he was really up on android because died and that's kind of alert. Maybe he's like okay. He's like Nick Nolte in Lorenzo's oil. He knows he's got a fucking medical medical degree in his. Very niche niche per piece of science. Speed a niche with a fuck you Lorenzo's oil Lorenzo. No yeah it's like Nick. Nolte's got a kid that Scott this very rare degenerative brain and it's a real life story about these parents who did all this research about different therapies and there's a particular of oil that health re sheets mylan and dog studies and they were one in any way they got it. Yeah Lorenza it's Lorenzo's oil. And I I can't remember if that actually was a big deal to help people or it was snake leaf oil and didn't ver- moving no motion picture nick. Nolte's best film. I I do love this scene Just the Reicher and Picard interplay. I mean this entire episode. It's fantastic and picard and troy like there's so much to love about these reunions Reicher. I appreciate how much not none of them have. Lost a single stamp like Ok p cards quite a bit older Picard is not the same man he was but when he's around his old crew he sort of starts to step back into that role a little bit with their product. And I think that's the thing that always made star Trek. So good to me is how everybody worked so well together And Fed off of each other. Yeah real collaborative It's all over these scenes. So then troy gives so g her first non replicated tomato which makes her question the validity of Ron Existence. And they talk about languages that Thad made up that a fight over five minutes about whether it's tomato or tomato right that's deleted scene and they talk about the language that had made up and then the disease that he had and it turns out. It could have been cured by Cynth- but they were banned. And then so jay explains that you can't trust anyone because of what he did to her and gets pissed. When card makes a point about living with suspicion Then troy totally lays into picard for fucking up. That interaction tells him just be the Old John. Lucar that everybody likes not this ridiculous French accent. Having Shit bag there nobody likes. Yeah stop this sinister sinister right. I don't know there's A. That's some good techno babble to the whole the trek new babble..

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