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Now is it starting to make sense when i keep telling you about how we've been focusing on the poll the whole time we've been focusing on the use of informants and spies according to new york times who's already outed they facto out at helper stefan halpern chuck ross's reporting which has been fascinating about the fun helper the use of this guy helper as an asset for the government a spy in in a normal speak to pull information from the trump team he's emailing the trump team hey what do you guys know about hillary you get in this show joe what do you know but hillary's emails you know but they don't know this guy this guy help but we now know is working for the government and effort to pull information about hillary's emails out of the trump team i've repeatedly said to you we have to stop for a moment focusing on the pole and start asking about the push the poll part is bad enough the fact that a government informant spy human asset was trying to interact with the trump team on behalf of an opposition political party in power to pull information out of it is disturbing enough i've told you that what's more disturbing would be the narrative that would come out if it was learned that the information they were trying to pull out wasn't even their own that it was pushed in by a nother federal government asset or foreign asset on behalf of our government in an effort to pull it out in what we would call an entrapment operation.

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