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About what may have been an overreaction who believe bush. well yes I know it's not me too yeah I was the idea that people just reacted and he lost his job you know for three years he was out on loan from got elected president and Billy bush was out because years ago he get a like a school boy at some of trump's statements this was you know years ago did you did you think that he should have been fired right away for that when if when it first came out where what was your feeling what was the issue here is the difficult thing is that he was hired to host the nine o'clock hour of the today show right that is a one hundred percent women's program right so if they didn't do something you know you the audience is like in a the survey shows like you know giving the finger to women basically so I felt that they really were in a corner they had no choice yeah now let's say I can see that I can see that issue but I guess the statue of limitation should be left on Billy bush well here's the great is broadcasting the world's pretty light weight settle you look like a one way and they're on Billy bush. that you know what it was bush should have a come back trying to put my mind back three years ago it was so different I the part that always bothered me about that was. trump got Billy bush was his career. seem fair I did never seems fair where you stand on the Woody Allen issue do you think that he should not be allowed to work in this country I just said this a hundred times already if you're not put in front of a court of law and your accused and then convicted of something I have a hard time of someone losing their livelihood over accusations yeah because anybody Ernie cues anybody of anything that's right but we did have the I. we did over reach here a bit in the height of the hash tag me to where I where people just hurling accusations all over the place and people are being cut down but woody Allen I always thought it was bizarre so well yeah it's just me Doug and you're right about that all right when we get back at trump's got another challenger this campaign going anywhere trust me and all Biden keeps on stumbling easier Madeline that's my guy on belay. this is seven o'clock. traffic.

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