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And with the new machines it'll be filling in the oval. Here's booker. It's time to question the rule of law that this governor believes he has to take elected officials from office. Slandering them and then subject them to partisan stack up his well Booker. Now her placement link says that the new machines will be available for the twenty twenty election, and she only plans to serve until twenty twenty and won't seek reelection newly announced twenty twenty presidential candidate camera Harris may bring her campaign headquarters to Baltimore the Baltimore Sun reports the fifty four year old California Democratic Senator is planning to set up shop in Baltimore due to its diversity and its proximity to Washington DC, but she also plans to operate a west coast sister office internet of Oakland. It's unclear exactly when those offices might open as Harris made her White House run official just Monday morning. Tom Roberts NBC News Radio. Wellington family says they're lucky to be alive after a truck smashed through their living room. Sonya Lewis says she was sitting right where the truck ended up there was after fifty a heavy duty truck in our living room on any other given Friday, I would've been sitting there, and I wouldn't be standing here talking with you. My granddaughter wouldn't be here. Louis wants the city of Wellington to construct a barrier air, I say a wall or the sidewalk along Wellington place and to prevent this from happening in the future Presley, John the three year old girl who was shot in the head last October in a road rage incident. Port St. Lucie is back in the hospital as doctors treat her for an infection in her wound. The three year old may need further surgeries and has a long road ahead of her for now. Doctors say she will receive antibiotics through an IV line for several weeks. She has made incredible progress the doctors at the time expected her to make a full recovery with physical therapy. She's been getting for the past couple of months doctors have not yet commented on how the latest surgery will affect her overall recovery. Time line does Ricky bowl news. Newstalk eight fifty W FDA website, fifty W F C L dot com. C cute picture of her with her sparkly pink helmet. Well, Bud Light is continuing its new tradition of buy beer for the city that wins the Super Bowl. So judge Cavanaugh is heading to new. Oakland, baby. The beer company, which says whichever city wins the Super Bowl. Fifty three will also win whole lot of free beer tradition. Started last year when the Philadelphia Eagles won this year, Los Angeles Rams against the New England Patriots in Atlanta on February third. A fifty.

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