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Play by Cook. He funnels one toward the net. Never got there grabbed by Quinn, Rikers. Wickers chips it out of there, and it gets past everyone and through the legs of Jake Levin, it came in on LaRock. Levin skates back takes it from Laurent finds cook. Cooked with a long pass. That Gavin had a chance at and they took a funny bounce on him went over a stick, not touch. So that's I say that's a tough one to handle. And Brandon Cook, you're shaking his head. He knows better than that. He he had more time He tried to get that puck to Gavin stand of sending him one on the ice That's easier to handle. He sent it about waist high, and it was kind of a knuckle puck. Haven't couldn't handle it Icing the call in another face off in the air Force, and Michael will take the Air Force dry. Lakers win the draw shot after the face off save made by LaRock and then he falls on top of the park. As the Lakers crashed the Nets and boy Quick whistle, but that's a break for air force. Why it is we needed that one. That shot went off of one of the Air Force defenseman either. Why go or cooked but the top of the right side circle hit one of them right in the pants and turn and change direction. LaRock had gone down, had to reach behind him to cover that puck up another face off. The right of Zach Laurent 27th shot on goal for the Lakers. A soft one by Mercyhurst Lakers. Grimmette in it wraps around behind the rock trying to pick it up far. Side note. I can't control it dumped right back in by the Lakers. They fight for it on the back wall. Maynor taps it lose, but the Lakers get to it first. Kept alive by Mercier's here and shot in from a circle Far side saved made by LaRock on Rifle Burger. 28 shots for Mercyhurst just 12 for airports, and that tells you where the majority of the play has been in another example right there. Air Force just could not Get it out. Mercier stood a great job of sealing those walls off, not letting air force get up the wall space off in the same spot to the right of Laurent. My all the moment, um, in this game right now belongs to the guys in Green and white. Face off.

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