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Wanted to do some hobby racing. And we did that. And when we got to this level in the trucks, we had made a lot of connections, obviously, through the watermelon farm and some of the people in the industry were fans and wanted to help me. So everybody in watermelons, nobody promotes just one brand. Everybody promotes Florida watermelons or Georgia or the South Carolina North Carolina. There's a group out in Indiana and Illinois is co promote and then Maryland, Delaware co promotes, so. It's in the Gulf states do as well. So it's cool. The Dave Ribble to use me kind of marketing platform being that we were watermelon, farmers, everybody almost everybody. Right. You're always gonna have some Debbie Downer group, but enough people voted on it and liked it to spend marketing dollars promote watermelons with me and my racing career so watermelons are easy to sell and my mind. So I have the easiest job in the world I get to go race cars and talk about watermelons all the time. And it really does come natural on both sides of racing and watermelons because it stuff that I truly passionate about, I'm not, you know, putting up a bottle of something and, and just talking about it because I have a PSA with them. And the sponsor my race carts truly is, whether you're buying a watermelon from my family's farm or somebody else, or the neighbor, it's all for the greater good of all of us as watermelon, farmers. We all promote together, and we all we all succeed together because when it's when there's a bad year in an area, everybody has a bad year. Nobody it's either all good or all bad most of the time. And also a pretty good fallback plan for you. If this racing. Thing doesn't work out. I'll be low man on the totem pole. I'm off chasing this stuff, and I am falling behind in a lot of that aspects of people my age that are going into the industry, and people that I grew up with stayed. The course my brother CHAD'S twenty. Now he's in, in South Georgia work in first year. He's, he's on the road, but he wanted to commit to that, and grow more acres when my dad in the spring for our Florida watermelons and then decided to go on the road because he's wanting to live life, and he wants to make money. And, and so that's I I love it for him. I love that he's able to do that, and that we do have a lot of family involved. And that's how a lot of farmers. All right. I mean, there's less farmers. I think than there was. But everybody had to get bigger to feed everybody. I mean the task of feeding this world is absolutely incredible. When you think about it, and really to tie that in is springboard into my relationship with nutrient acts Lucians there in industry. One of the biggest groups for helping farmers grow a better crop so Elliott Sadler and Brett Griffin. Brought me into that. And it's been a natural. Fit from the very beginning. We, we all know each other, we all do the same kind of business. So getting to promote them on my race cars and lead the field with them at Daytona and Talladega. And have more racist coming up and have somebody like Elliott Sadler mentor me and jab back and forth. We know each other good enough that last year road America. They hadn't told me about anything when neutrinos Lucians yet. And I don't really think they knew yet, maybe right around the time they all kinda got together, but somebody.

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