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Did a march from Selma to Montgomery. He was met at the foot of the bridge with Billy clubs, and that march from Selma to Montgomery was contentious. He was clearly not invited into the state capital. Now he will get a hero's welcome, which is what he deserves. Lewis died after a battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 80 years old. CBS News Special Report Lease Matteo to the Corona virus pandemic. Now cases continue to surge across the country, raising concerns about the prospect of opening schools. Here's CBS's Michael George. The Centers for Disease Control greenlit school openings this week, stressing the importance of in person instruction but encouraging social distancing and keeping the same teachers and students together in groups called pods to contain possible outbreaks, but language like teach and reinforce use of cloth. Coverings written in May are now labeled recommendations and it doesn't detail when an outbreak should trigger a shutdown. We're seeing some local setbacks. Maryland reported 12 new deaths and nearly 1000 new cases yesterday, the largest single day jump in the state since May, Virginia reported 13 new deaths with Mohr than 1000 new cases. CC had 78 new cases and no new deaths. You can read much more about the local pandemic trends that are websites. W t o p dot com Go there in search test. Coming up, U. S officials warned. Trying to work with Russia is not a good idea. I'm J. J Green. It's 9 33 Navy Federal credit Union. You get $200 when you refinance your auto loan from another lender with us so you can execute your own missions like Operation. Redo the upholstery in the minivan. Yeah, get some leather in there or operation. Maybe I'll just get a detailed Oh, and Samarra fresheners. Uh, new car smell, refinance and other lenders out alone with Navy federal and get $200 start saving at Navy, federal DOT or Navy Federal Credit Union are members of the mission open to the armed forces, The D O D veterans and their families insured by US It's 9 30 for legal groups are suing the federal government trying to prevent the rapid deportation of migrant Children with the Trump administration has detained in hotel rooms. The group's heir seeking a temporary restraining order on behalf of unnamed Children being held at the Hampton Inn and Suites in the Texas border city of McAllen, that McKellen Hotel is one of three Hampton ends that the government has used to detain kids so it can rapidly deport them to their countries of origin. The government's been using the hotel's instead of government shelters under an emergency declaration that's related to the Corona virus pandemic. Oregon's attorney general has lost her lawsuit that claimed federal agents arrested protesters without probable cause. The judge has.

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