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We are feeling the heat. It's 90 degrees, with partly cloudy skies in Orlando this afternoon. Central Florida congressman is introducing a bill allowing the Department of Justice to study the role of strip clubs playing in human trafficking. Representative Mike Walz says the government needs to do more to stop this modern day slavery. No, that it centers around two things. One big event. Like big sporting events or big conventions. Uh, and to around, Uh, you know, these types of strip club establishment Walt says Predators usually prey on migrants and others desperate to make money in the U. S. Covid 19 hospitalizations continue to rise in Orange County health officials say cases are up 52% from the first two weeks in July, reports are showing that the delta variant is what's causing the current spread of the virus. Epidemiologist Dr Vincent Shoe of Advent health Says that while those who have gotten their shots can still get infected data shows the vaccine is effective in preventing serious infections, Hospitalizations and death, particularly the delta. We saw it coming. We knew very early on that Delta was on its way up in Gamma also Is on its way up as well. Health experts say Orange County is still considered a high risk for transmission by the CDC. Somebody paid $28 million to fly with Jeff Bezos next week on the first blue origin trip to space, but that somebody says they can't go because they have something going on in their life. It was a big deal. The auction to be on blue origins. First trip to space to join Jeff Bezoza his brother, an 82 year old aviator, Wally Funk that anonymous somebody who spent $28 million now suddenly can't go. Oh, they have a scheduling conflict and will instead take a later flight to space. Sell. The runner up will go blue origin, says 18 year old Oliver Damon will be the first paying customer to go to space with blue origin. His dad paid the money. His dad is CEO of a Dutch private equity firm. Damon will be the youngest person ever in space. Funk will be the oldest Like stone ABC nears a wobble in the moon's orbit could mean more flooding in the coastal regions of the US That's, according to a new study published in the Nature Climate Change Journal. It was conducted by NASA and it warns the increase in flooding could be dramatic and rapid. The moons wobble happens about every 19 years and leads to very high and low tides. NASA also says another factor in the increased risk for flooding is the global sea level rise. And you can celebrate Mars fast at the Orlando Science Center this weekend, there will be astronomy and engineering themed activities. The event runs from 11 A.m. to four p.m. Saturday and Sunday and is included with admission. And, well, life just got more expensive. We have obtained a new report on inflation that shows that food prices are rising at the fastest pace in 13 years as prices of food jumped for consumers, they jumped for restaurants as well. Plus some short staffed restaurants are trying to entice workers by offering higher pay. And in both cases, it seems the costs are being passed along to you and me, the hungry people of America. I think I'll be making grilled cheese Sammies for dinner tonight. Joe Kelly, Wdbo one. Oh 73 FM and am 5 80. Well, how about this Orange County clerk of courts has a list of people have checks waiting for them. Clerk of courts Tiffany more, Russell said. The checks on the list are those that were mailed, but never cash either because the recipient moved away and did not leave authority address or because they put the check away and forgot about it. If you don't collect your money by September 1st, it will be deposited into the clerk's fund. The former for sake mansion is the center of a death investigation again. Miami Beach Police have confirmed the bodies of two men have been found inside of a hotel room at the Villa Casa Casuarina on Ocean Drive. A housekeeper made the discovery and called for help. Police say the scene is contained to the hotel room. Designer Gianni Versace was gunned down in front of his home on July 15th 1997..

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