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We're going to meet one of the artists in the song that you just heard. Yasuo was one of the artists involved in that beautiful beautiful version of Put together by some very beautiful women including the aso our special guests Number of weeks ago. My friend pam from canada and emailed me and said you know i can get. You hugged yasser. Do you wanna talk to her. I said i would love to talk to her. She for those who don't know she won. Kokov no last season eight and she has the voice of an angel. I've been very interested in her career ever since. She is a member of israel's ethiopian community and has an amazing story and i'm so excited to share it with you today. We'll hear from her. In just a moment. We will also hear from three of the people involved in a project called the integration project in these are folks involved in making his rally music more accessible to the masses. I'm gonna say very little at this point. Because i'm going to let them explain the whole project in their own words and they do it very well and i'm excited to share all of that with you as well also excited to be here on sunday morning live on facebook. Live if you're tuned in be sure to weigh in and let us know that you're here. Let us know what you think of the music. You're hearing and of course used this space to wish all of our listeners. All of our community members and indeed all of ominous rail a shana tova whom into a happy and sweet new year. We're going to start today with a look into the music of yasuko unfortunately the interview that we did was Well i spoke in english and she spoke in hebrew. So i'm going to do my very best spot to translate her answers. Fortunately they were she. She really answered in fairly easy hebrew. So i think many of you have a basic knowledge of e-group we'll be able to understand the vast majority of what she says. But for those. Who don't i will do my best to translate the i. Let us hear the majestic voice of peggy. Ti so this is called. Tuft that lombardi israel. Our radio show led me loma linda. Alot.

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