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My senior name. Okay saint lucia at saint like loose show saint. Uc doesn't matter. Not i never you know. I go through. I hope i do all this right. Because you know i'm just a crazy wholesale just loves the music man you deal with so many bands and artists like you. You're good again to me. It's you know the whole thing is is music is the best thing for people. I was like went back to the early days. You know when we were all cavemen and they had the drums going and the dancing staying up all night. Getting stoned remember those days. I was there man i was. We were there together in a an original first. Tv show is in a cave. Like what are these screens like. Everyone freaks out this new technology. It's amazing when you go like for even two or three years. You're behind the time it's insane right now so your son's going to grow up with the latest technology and then he's going to embrace all the newest stuff nickel dad. You know nothing. You're just so stupid. Probably yeah anyhow. This great addition. Jv tv what's next next up. We have a song called. Elevate which i think is like along with dancing glasses. Probably almost well well-known song and. Yeah this is like. I really felt like when i was making our first record. The song was like when i came up with a song. It was really like this. Was the the mission statement in a way. It's sort of contained all the things that i've imagined saint lucia having it was sort of flirted with being a bit cheesy like like like drew from a few of the guilty pleasure classics of like the eighty s. But it sort of had this melancholy quality so to me. It's like it's like very to me. It's like quite a well-balanced piece of music in that it's like it's got that but if she's but it's also got like a little slight serious quality to it as well which to me is like all my favorite songs that sort of like fight between the happy and the sad doing so. Well thanks this.

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