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Donnas. Deflect it in a. Robert Bork Jews shot four minutes into the first period. Given the blues one nothing lead after a very important early penalty. Kill Ovechkin from Kennedy Carlson tied a one to one for the caps. Here's a shot coming from Edmonson apathy of winded at the capital's recover. The puck Connolly three minutes into the second gave the capitals at two to one lead. But the blues responded with a power play goal from Perico O'Reilly and Baronne assisting that tied the game at two. Sundquist made it three two to Saint Louis at sixteen thirty three. That's how the blues entered this period. They've added goals for transient from Voronin gunners than an unassisted goal by Bosak and blues lead by two shooting the capitalist forty two twenty three the puck in the blue zone over on the far side battling right front of the Webster university. Dash aboard. Here's a slap shot coming from the nearside valley knocked it away. And the puck kept in by Washington at Chandler Stevenson behind the net. It goes for Dmitri Asha golden Perico leading the blues defenseman ice time here in this game. Just over twenty minutes of total time. He got the puck cleared it out. Capitals Abbott Carlson comes through the neutral zone, please. It downloaded portraying Gelo, but drains little gives it up the Kaczynski he'll ban on the shot. It comes in. And Alan gets a stick on it to keep it out. Stays five to six fifty seven to go transit low and gunnison paired up. Now, it's portrayal was playing some of his best hockey this season. Gunnison returned from injury or cross Jack Barbara shove into the boards by Kennedy and Ari walls. Forgot the bring your whistle with them in the third period. Would have been great to see him. Forget it in the first and second here's Berkovsky coming into the blue zone. All the fireside and Schwartz will clear for the blue the Barbara's yet coming in. We'll work it in on Orlov, and I'm Barbara shit. Good shot. Leads into the shoulder Carlson. Put a stick into the number of Barbara's back. Steam rolling off the check to help out. The comes loose Carlson makes the play turns it into Stephen Peron able to dig for Carlson. Ends up. Finding the handle looks debris. Cobb ski hill. Clear the zone, six minutes. Six seconds to go in the third period. Gave number thirty eight for the St Louis blues. Trying to get through the games of five hundred the interaction tonight. Fifteen eighteen and four. Here's disconnect. Long outlived Bassett goes over to Backstrom looking for Oshii TJ fires. I over the head of Al, and it goes and not a Peron trying to clear the puck deflects to the corner. Perico? Got to spins it out of trouble passes up to Peron Ron lifted over the head of a Riley get it into the far circle O'Reilly spins and he goes in behind the net. Takes a centers that bass intercepted by Oshii tossed to the neutral zone in gunnison retrieve for the San Schwartz cutting to the middle of the ice. And she takes it away Schwartz gets back takes it away from him. Then I'll it's Backstrom controlling the puck for the capitals five eleven to go. Third period of play blues have the park on the tape. Brayden Schenn and he go to Schwartz and he'll slap it on. Hope. He'll make to save the corner now behind the net chop the way of the near side by the capital's offense and cleared by Orlov to the neutral zone. Ovechkin goes to get it in capitals end up falling an offside and there's the whistle with four fifty two to play in the third. They no one wants a one-size-fits-all financial strategy. That's why it ever Jones are most important goals are getting to know yours Edward Jones, make sense of investing backed enterprise center in a moment on Star Wars night, blues put a handful and the caps leading five to this Saint Louis, blues hockey. When cholera struck Saint Louis. The sisters of mercy were there when.

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