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Sally. struthers. How do you think she kept meet header. Why do you think he put up with? A good father. Follows an asshole but if it wasn't for this Butler, the out of here. I'm going girl keeps coming apart I I've always liked that song from when I had the tape when I was seven years old and in listening to recently in preparation I noticed that the Guitar Solo has an Eddie Van. Halen kind of does which it's very unusual to hear. That would clearly have been played by wit to say that. Way. More. Technical smooth, fluid. Player. Yeah. So could be then so I. Think it's absolutely is I. Don't think Joe Perry would agree that I. Agree. Style so Algis cut in here what did you did you choose girl keeps coming apart I. Choose that as well and listening back. To permanent vacation this this song really jumped out at me as one of the best on the whole album both of those solo sections that both the two guitar solo sections the band is just slamming. Great Bass playing those those insistent thrusts from the horn section coming in and punctuating everything I mean the energy and that is excellent. Just to meet torches don't get mad get even and in terms of song titles, Vastly Superior e E. C. Song Girl keeps coming apart. You're like what the Hell's going to be about to listen the don't get mad get even. Bumper sticker. Keel Song Right which that's nothing that anyone should aspire to to Mimic Keel. Much like what you guys said. Okay. This this one when I first heard the record. We laugh at. The laughing. From before guilt about Sally struthers about Sally Strollers I love girl keeps coming apart from when I first heard the record because that jam section in the middle, it's like. It's almost like a blues brothers band. Ban And then Austin. And I love there's a song on the secret AC- recall Oh my God by the police and there's there's it's not a similar jam but there's Just Jam and I love it when you get a rock and roll band who just jams and there's probably think probably six lyrics and the whole saw and the rest is just the soul of sections back and forth. But there's a great part at the end of the song were Stephen. Does little spoken word and Almost can say for. Sure. So this she was buns up neal right I was a wheeling and dealing my ace in the hole. So to speak I, forgot to mention that. Yes bonds up and Neil, and that's right there s in the hole so to speak in fact. That was a line of dialogue for MacAulay. In the vehicle of policy, it would make sense that Steven Tyler would get together with Luther, Campbell.

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