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Recent recording, Right? Like with last couple of years. Kind of thing. Yeah, Definitely. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay, dude. Good. I remember reading a lot about them, but I never really heard the album. Yeah, I'll get Musgrave is into the mix there. Hi, women. Well, here's a big company hasn't have anti of us, Uh, done the investigation on the papa do that. I'm trying to get the answer myself. Do we get any information As to whether or not Casey Musgrave has a relation, Tony Tow Bill must Graves. Uh, someone's got to get to the bottom of it, And I think it might have to be you. I'll do a deep dive into the Musgrave family tree. Thank you. Just to see if there is any sort of lineage or linkage, maybe like, yeah, I just wanna just can I get back to the grand pecking order by oyster Head and little faces? I mean, yeah. Little league leave no trace behind or whatever. Yeah, yeah. Little places, please. Homework assignment. Listen to oyster head this weekend. Let me tell you something, but please, let's see what's going on in the head. Let's head Dude. When I saw Oyster, I saw him oyster head like and I don't know 2001 or some of the Greek theater and do during Billy came home from Vietnam in shadow of the man. I forget the name of the track, man. Thank you, gentlemen. Shannon Claypool kills all the lights of the Greek theater. Now the whole place is pitch black. I'm not kidding. Anyone. Duty puts a freaking helmet on. He puts like this helmet on with these two like Brilliantly bright lights as eyeballs. So dude, all the lights are out the plane shadow of a man. It's borderline freak out territory, and Claypool's just like slowly looking at the crowd, like what is light eyes like, Dude, it was he's trying. He's trying. He's tested them. Claypool's testing it no questions that I think people send friends of mine back to their tent in the middle of the day. Right? Because they're scared. I like that. I like yes. Yes. And shouldn't have you seen Claypool come out in a pig mask before? Wow. I've never seen Claypool life so you've never experienced the Wham Ola. Uh, you know, uh, maybe I'll dabble. I listen to some quite full. I can't dance for May didn't didn't didn't didn't didn't didn't didn't didn't didn't didn't Didn't today It's been a great podcast that a really nice time. Hold about Final thing about as our Claypool Late show podcast tribute continues. Tony. Is it too much to ask that Shannon's familiar with the Flying Frog Brigade? It is too much says I understand there's too much baby steps. Polly Baby steps, right? We'll start him on the head and get him. We'll get him to the Frogs a little bit later. Yes, and the Frog Brigade was Bernie War. L's bucket of Bernie Brains to what was he doing? Animals by Floyd or something? The whole record? They did. I saw it at the Fillmore brought me to tears. It was amazing. I didn't really absolutely Where exactly on drums at that point too. I think so. Yes, And it was, you know, Remember you nor on guitar roadie, nor, Yeah, Yeah. Shannon. Just we'll take you to school, pal. It's okay. You know, your e nor alright. How did Shannon react, though once Claypool like comes into our two and he walks out with the pig head on. How does Keller do at that point? I don't know. I mean, right, That's where it is like. That's kind of like where the divide begins. You know, I don't know if I'd make it to our two You would. You would. Okay, because I would basically, uh, handcuff you to my rich When let you leave. I handcuff him to a pipe in the men's room. I don't care. Oh, you You ain't going anywhere. Hey, guys, uh, Listen, It was great talking to you guys. Happy New Year. I'm glad we got to get a few laps in here in a pretty surreal time in American history, But we're all in this together, boys. We're gonna do it again next week. I hope for your sake, you're your playoff picture, correct. You're representing on. We'll see you again next week on the podcast. Thank you. Creative, Tony. Thank you. Santa Killer created apartments told Fox is everybody be cool like Jagger said. We'll see you next week. You've been.

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