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Underway we all love bubble hockey while we're smashed at the at the pump, but this is a little different, but we're underway again with exhibition action and unlike most exhibition seasons James. It's going to be over very soon. It's only like a throne day deal, but anyway we're here and happy to be so things. Well what you're listening to for the things. Are you baking frigging hot here? Hockey's back hockey is back. I guess they're going to pull it off. So I got underway of the exhibition schedule. First game was. If you're scoring at home, Connor Sherri God first NHL goal in about four and a half months. Ended up though it was all for naught, because it was the flyers being the penguins three two in overtime, very cheeky goal by Scott, Lawton Brady could chuck I. Think wants to beat his face in based on past Games, but nice tricky, little goal in not one of those sort of. Backward toe drags for just a second like a back Antonio drag and then you basically ladle it up in the air over the goalie's shoulder. Oh, pissing the goalie off like Oh yeah. Oh, yeah. That's what you become hated for life by that goalie. No it's it's. It's a life altering moment for for the for the goalie. You fucker you. Try that on me again. YOU LITTLE PRICK! My favorites of all time was the one that It was Kucherov Tampa sounds like a favorite. The way you got. It nailed there. Was The all star Game. The all, Star, Game I. Think Maybe. can't remember exactly, but he's on a breakaway and he basically makes a bunch of. With his stick blade, but And doesn't actually hit the park. Just lets the puck keep on going Oh. Yes, right through the goalies pads like that was one of the most clever goals I've ever seen in slow Mo. Yeah, it's like and that I it does not fake snapshot or some to in the meantime the pucks drifting through I remember seeing that brilliant. Absolutely brilliant move. Yeah, And my favorite is probably all time still, and I think a lot of hockey. Fans would back me up on it. Pablo Dat Suk and this he just seemed to, I don't know. Defy physics to sort of this. This weird backhanded toe drags slide to his right almost like he's I don't know like he's left his body to sort of shifts to the right inexplicably like his skates shouldn't be able to do that. And just the goalie is stymied is no idea how to handle it. Such such an unbelievable Dat Suk. If you've never seen one, I think most hockey fans have, but if you've never seen the debt soup move, you gotTA. Make that your Internet. Homework, right this second Senate a pause the podcast right now. Send me that thing gotta look. You know we connor here of course in Edmonton and. I think it was last year. There's nothing like there's nothing like what do they call break in guys ankles I. Think it's basketball term when you bring a guy's ankle. He just collapses right because you've you faked Omotoso bet and conor did that last year, and you're on a first name basis with him by the way Nice. Of course I am seavy. Kanzi, Come. No Not Kanzi. Cook I told you I ran into him in town one day. If forget, how young is and he was, he was with his buddies. I was I was. I had to go to a place of business somewhere in I was dropping into. Find out where this place was, and it was one of these one of these mazes that you get these rooms that you get you get locked in or I don't know you gotta try and get out or Am I making any sense here. One of the escape room the escape room. That's what I was. and. I was waiting to talk to the guy behind the desk, and there were these four guys there. You know being being kids, not punks, but but kids and is rolling. My eyes are like dude. This will be great. This'll be fucking, awesome man. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, this'll be so good. And it was connor mcdavid and his three buddies right. I thought it was. Kids in grade nine. Was He really talking like Jessica Cooley from Fast Times at Ridgemont high in the early. He wasn't, but his buddy wants. Well, that's how they talk. Generally anyway the move he made last year it swept the world when I saw it in when I first saw it I went. Is that really that good. And then when they showed in slow Mo, he was, he was just he took a pass at the blue lining was alone, and there was only one defense in back and. It was just I. Don't know he went around. The other guy ended up dating shoulders trying to get back into the player. It was crazy. That was against the Toronto Maple leafs, so I especially loved it and it was their. Their apparent best defenceman in Morgan Riley and it was one of those deals. He comes over the Blue Line and it looks like he's going to SORTA lazily. Move toward the middle of the ice and all of a sudden it was like. Something you'd see in a cartoon like wish. The road runner breaks. It breaks it. Outside and Morgan rallies no idea what just occurred I would think Steve One of the toughest. Times you had this week. We did these suspenders podcast. With Russ and Of course you produce it, you listen you edit it..

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