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Down the line this agendas. Ruth michelson hillary's tavee. Good morning let us begin with the departure of be netanyahu an astonishing scenes yesterday in israel. Absolutely benjamin. Netanyahu finally voted out after twelve years in power So we're seeing some coverage for example Left-wing new site which has been running a live blog that has pretty much every every little blow by blow including Some details about the conversation between new prime minister enough tally bennett and us. President joe biden They apparently some agreement on iran policy for example and then a little detail from Or it's Correspondent no orlando Who mentioned that in biden statements but not bennett's off the call They mentioned working together for peace prosperity and security for israelis and palestinians. We have opinion and coverage as divided as the new coalition itself in it seems absolutely so for example to go over to the right wing. Jerusalem post That more coverage of you know obviously the new government But then also Interesting divergence over Descriptions of what happened during the vote so for example on the jerusalem post sites They mentioned that Bennett netanyahu shook hands shortly after the vote. Which means that bennett now Prime minister Bennett sat in netanyahu's chair in the knesset. But when bennett caused by netanyahu's new chair following his swearing-in netanyahu declined to take his hand again in the same Incident is described by a p associated press But they also go into much more detail about netanyahu glowering and ceasing silently during the vote And then turning around shaking minutes hand and then they say a dejected dejected. Netanyahu wearing a black medical mosque briefly sat in the opposition leaders chair before walking out. Is there a sense that this was all about the end of benjamin netanyahu yesterday or a new beginning for israel which is clearly what. The new prime minister. Enough tani baton. Charlie bennett will be hoping for absolutely i mean. I think that a lot of the coverage has focused on the fact that this is a very fragile coalition. It contains quite Quite a diverse range of different political figures hauled right left-wing some members of an arab islamist party of the first time. And so there's quite a challenge for them to really make this a new beginning by staying power We're seeing that In some of the coverage. But also you know plenty of profiles of netanyahu and what this moment means. Even though he's going into a position there's no guarantee or a lot of the coverage including in the new york times points out that his reign has officially ended yesterday at least for the time being. Let us onto Iran set to hold elections. This friday hardline elements are expected to succeed but it is a very very difficult and very finely balanced make-up over there isn't it that's true. I mean lots of focus in the coverage about The fact that the of the seven candidates that are running five are considered to be more conservative. And the this kind of you know. Considering that six hundred people started out wanting to run in this election. And now we're down to seven That this is producing a sutton Kind of apathy among the population says quite an interesting piece in on monitor that looked at An iranian polling organization. This is the wrong students. Polling agency Who said over thousand five hundred people and said that the voter turnout is likely to be around. Just thirty eight percent. Which is actually the lowest turnout ever in the history of iran. I'm what is it that just led to this grinding down the electric so that they don't want to take part given the fact that they have been subject to so much uncertainty and to a great deal of hardship not least because of sanctions that arguably would say will the first go new vote that makes sense but at the same time. It's people have to feel that they have real choice. And so that is you know we see this again in some of the coverage So in this piece and l. monitor mentioning that Essentially because the iranian ruling establishment in their words decided to make the race a one-sided competition among candidates handpicked by the guardian council That people don't feel that they're able to vote to produce real change next story please. Algeria had legislative elections over the weekend again an enormous amount of Despondency when it comes to engaging in the electoral process was very low. Turnout here as well. Yes i'm starting to sense a pattern. Yes this is Some coverage from algeria unfortunately again not great news The essentially as you say there were legislative elections the washington post has some great Coverage from the ground which is quite rare. In algeria ning quotes from people including people that have been involved in the long long-running protest movement The here Saying that you know. Algerian stood believed too much in this election. This is according to analysts. They see the parliament is useless. And that this produced massive apathy and very low turnout but at the same time we're seeing coverage that the algierian authorities despite the fact that this election wasn't necessarily going to be hugely consequential staging quite a crackdown before and after the election so including removing the license for fronts twenty four to operate and arresting lodge permanent. Jen listen activists michelson and thank you so much for joining us own monocle twenty four. You're listening to the globalist. Seven.

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