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Thank you for that no common yeah let's not go thank you thank you nick my around cove wrong also josh wigley this is a reunion of sorts that we missed you last week in the wiggle room and jessica leaf did a great job of filling in for you really very brave of you to take the opportunity to make a cowardly bed about my hat and my app just jessica lease an i had a draft over which survivors could potentially get picked off at the survivors swap and we wanted to have some stakes in the game and with started off that we would take a picture of the loser in wombats had got how embarrassing the photograph in a wiggle wa vets had but then on shattering myself confidence one podcast at the bet actually became then to replace on social yeah yes and so one weekend when weekend so james limb i took him in the fourth round of the wiggles wombat had draft so i am in paul position but jessica lease still has a few outs on the board that there are still three people that could get voted out this week that would force me to take the picture and have to change my social media profiles i wearing wiggle orcher i can't wait until this season is over and we can just forget about the hat like this is distorted shocking shocking for thirty never never again this i can't my fragile ego can't handle this hat in public and i feel deeply shamed.

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