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That's the most. I think as a therapist working with kids that's empowering, and there's a lot of responsibility you know as therapist. We know that, but then there's so much potential of what. Not only the effect we can have on the individuals, but on that larger community scale on that huge huge scale. Well and that's why I think a podcast like this is really exciting because you're inviting therapists who work with the future. Opportunities to think differently to do things differently and to really think about Their therapy sessions and the materials that they use and their expectations and all of those things. Differently and to support the parents to think differently and the home environment is different. I mean it's so different, but we're clinging to the past. Oh, it's going to go back to normal while I. Don't think it's ever going to go back to normal. I mean whatever the heck normal us you know it's just different, and it's an opportunity it doesn't have you know we can warn and we feel bad for what we are losing, but we can also embrace. All the great things that could be waiting for us as well. Oh. Yes, all of the great things that are out there. Who knows what they are? Who knows I know that's it's so exciting. It really is yes. Yes, well as we're coming to a close. Obviously in our show notes, there will be a link to your book, so people can easily go and access that but I'm wondering if you can, and there'll be links to all of your social media as well, but I'm wondering if you could tell us a few places to find you whether that's email or your website for listeners, if they wanna hear it first and quick type it in If you could let us know how to get a hold of you for our listeners, who want to know more sure and I hope you put my novel up to I, will all? Going in the ACA writing them down where they occurred so there's a lot of books. I mean I've written published a lot. In doing this for a long time, but yeah, so my website is Martha Alderson dot..

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