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And and he explained that he has hired some consultants. We mentioned Steve Schmidt to help McCain. Bill Burton democrat or worked on the Obama campaign one side. And then the other side Republican democrat consultants working with them. They're going to do lot of polling and and a lot of investigation. And then also he made the promise unless he felt he could do the job. Well, we'll of course, you wouldn't even start the entire process of saying you're gonna run for president. Let's you think you'd be the best in the world. So I think we can assume that he will satisfy himself on that point. But yet they'll do education. The probably also watched to see who else gets in a little bit of a waiting game. At the moment. People are are seeing where things fall out is. You said the democratic side is going to be a scrum, but he could wait a little bit. Look, this is still were still a little bit early in the in the time frame for when you normally go out in announcer, at least the way it used to be. But people often don't get in until closer to summer. So he's. Also got some time to sit back look at the field count, his pennies and see how much something like this would cost too. That's the other side. And then decide whether to go ahead as the final note. Bill Mike Bloomberg's criticism of weary pointed criticism of our chills billionaire to billionaire little some not in a position to make. The it's it's a little self serving Rysley because he may run in his own, right? And he doesn't want any once that democratic nomination. If he goes forward and spent two billion dollars to get it to be worth as much as possible. But I do know from my own reporting in the last two election cycles presidential cycles that he looked very very closely at at running and did decide in the end that he thought he could not win. And that's why into it. Right. Well, I think that was a wise decision. I'm not sure how well Michael Bloomberg travels outside New York. But that said he's using his money on guns and so forth advances, and I think gun control gun control reasonably successfully. I mean, that's that's one thing. You can do. I don't know what Howard Schultz really cares about. If that's any of his aim. If is aim is just winning or if his aim is to say, these are things I want to talk about or I wanna see any can push the agenda that way, and he can have a big affect on the democratic. Thirty you know in the debate between sort of the Biden wing and the Bernie wing. All right Bill. Thanks, kim. Thanks. Thank you all for listening. We'll be back tomorrow with another addition Potomac watch..

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