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Expressway is still tied up, starting at granted Avenue. It really is stopping go mostly stop on the way to Columbia Road. Lori granted WBC's traffic on the three Take a look at the four day WBZ Yankee weather forecast. Now meteorologists, Dean DeVore any precipitation at the moment. I don't see any. The closest looks to me like the Poconos of Pennsylvania and parts of eastern New York. I'm seeing some stuff break out. But maybe over in the Berkshires, there's ah little bit of. Ah, Sprinkle it your drizzle. It's not gonna be much today, folks. So if it happens, you know you'll you'll get through it. The real heavy precipitation. The next round is later tomorrow night into the first part of Saturday, There could be some real heavy rain here in the Boston area, so today's temperatures will get up in the low forties again. Just Ah, shower of rain or some wet snow in spots today. And down the low thirties tonight Tomorrow forties with some sunny breaks. And then the rain moves in tomorrow night continues heavy at times into Saturday morning, still mild in the mid Upper forties. Saturday, it will feel colder Sunday Low forties and the thermometer Real feels twenties and thirties as we dry out. Thank you, Brother. Meteorologist. Tina Board WBZ Boston's NewsRadio Nothing Macleod's 33 Here in Boston this Thursday morning and Good morning at 7 26 Take a look at New England business. Now, some new research shows a majority of people in Massachusetts are in favor off some controversial tax rate increases. A MassINC survey finds nearly three quarters want a 4% income surtax. On household incomes topping a million dollars a year, But just about the same number are rejecting raising the state's sales and income taxes. In general. It's.

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