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Just shoulder just like a southernaccented yes nagee cannot joe he bought bonfire where where do you stand on banning automatic assault rifles teams like ar fifteen and by the air fifteen is the rifle of choice for these exact types of shooting here's the thing first of all i think that's a little bit like asking you know where where does ones that are mike banning like molly laura cracker like anything like that like the fact that the substances illegal isn't going to stop the substance from getting into the hands of people who really wanted and we have a lot of very very sad statistics that show this i have a proposal which i think is kind of good which is which is why generally believe 'cause this topic pains me because they see these pictures i'm like oh my god i am so freaked out right now a mike i'm i'm thinking about my kid owning but other people's kids and you know here's what i think the supposed disposed democrats stopped talking mike well i don't understand why someone would need an air fifteen and i don't really like the second amendment that i care will you know there's three hundred seventy one million firearms in this country which is more than there are living walking americans are we should kind of like think about that and spoe's republicans and being complete fucked arts i could say that on the show hbo and and said like well you know it should be easier to get a gun that is get a bag of the reito's in this country we should probably do something about that i think this is this is where literally ninety four percent of americans agree that you know you can have african you want but there should be there could be a lot of kind of restrictions for the people who really don't often do have them not how it's easier to get a gallon to get welfare europeana closer to get welfare and.

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