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It was she was a little girl from croydon south london suburb very working class toy tore lie that and obviously they had so much in common how they grew up where they grow up a resonating beautifully absolutely and that's that that was the power that was demonstrated in that story she so one photo editorial completely made everything that came before that the the glamour of the supermodel short by herberich the idealized perfection this kind of greek goddess notion of beauty or even the peter lindbergh a beautiful woman in the in in a city scape gone this gu free gorky blow legeard funny tooth's nadal tooth working class girl made everything but came before it look tired look oldfashioned look irrelevant a and everyone hated it and was it when it hit the newsstands as they say was a immediately recognized there was immediately derided by the fashion establishment it was sitas ugly and it was seen as a matter it was seen as just not russian so there was a a little story of how shoots got done in those days with cornyn and fell because the art director she took some pictures into the office and fill didn't like them or light some and not the others so there was an argument about imagery about the editing essentially but everyone was so passionate it was it became life or death live or die and incurring actually threatened and did so she went into the toilet and was going to flush the negatives down the toilet if fell didn't acquiesced to choice so these would times where people care that much and so there was an awkward very awkward transition for carin because ninety july ninety eight was the third summer of love that we're talking about the editorial.

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