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I think he's done a lot of great work in his career. What was the last time you talked about real sports? We brought, you know. The shefty piece Jeff. Corruption. Maybe maybe he's getting you to talk about the piece was good. I've, I've also said that most what he does is garbage. I mean I've, I've watched and I've looked at it, and forget, what support it was. They tried to call it a sport. I know what it was. This guy goes over to England and it's, it's Cambridge versus Oxford wine tasting wine tasting. It was a sport is a sport. And all this is what, what do you wasting my time for really? I didn't see what you're listening kind, Johnny. HBO real sports and you're trying to tell me one tasting is a sport. It's your time you can appropriate Cup of coffee and smack at a remote throat grabbed the clicker chase channel four you have a stroke. Not get out. I did you couldn't reach the house that's supposed to. You don't want him. I didn't need a blue. As you get off your ass and changing the channel. To be able to comment on the stupidity. You needed to you need to watch the piece. I watched it all inside. Your. To change. First of all remote controls in my hand lazy only thing that was in your hand. You're right and a Cup of coffee. Also. Wow. How many hands do you have to aptly? Critique on watch. I wouldn't say that movie to hit no was appointed. I had to watch complained about peace interesting. It was interesting because of the one individual is the program. They lost me the minute the minute they tried to tell me it was a sport. Yeah. That's ludicrous. You idiots drinking wine and spit in the thing that is amazing. Sylvie turned me on to a good. Netflix documentary called some older. Why they're trying to get a level five masters to all my God. What a world region, the whole sip and not even swallow it. They spit in the bucket. And they know we're we're what who who makes it? Great like Hungary. I mean it's can I ask you a question was funny? Ten ten seven too late on a Tuesday night to actually open up a bottle of wine and glass. You open it at ten us did last night. Just had one was a big one, but I just come home from my daughter's high school soccer game, one of the big one. Right. And I, I was like, oh boy, I, I'm going to go to bed like fifteen minutes, but I kind of have a taste for one camp. It's okay, how many have left in June? Knows you might as well. Do know wines yourself. I don't what you guys think of twenty six hundred fifty on the bears list. A lot of big names. I see boards. I was stupid Amita think that they may have overlooked him. He was great. He was, but and stupid of me, not recognize it, both Don Pearson. And Dan Pompei have a true for guys like Mark board. Soapy pompey. Okay. Pompey but I'm glad to see that they did recognize him. I thought he was someone to make kind of slip the crap. You guys had a great conversation yesterday about fourteen Anderson, like, is this conversation? You could have won their best year. Right. That was a great debate and feel like if I want the best year in the most explosive back, I'm taking Neil Anderson. I think guys career Matt forte should be head of Neil Anderson. Matt forte was very consistent and very good for a long period of time for the bears, and he did a lot of great things. But in the one year I got an. Neil Anderson in, like eighty seven eighty eight whatever it was, was explosive. Good point. Yeah. He was he was a more explosive runner. That's a better receiver. I mean but Neal was great. Now made a couple of pro bowls as a special teamer I early in his career. That's what I'm. There was a complaint. Stay healthy Greco put him on his worst all time bears. That's not good player news. Healthy, I think sitting hamstring problem name is traced Armstrong, not on the list, the late night, like ninety eight that's five eighty five bears will make this list when it's all said and done all except LA. Mike is there. I mean was less Frazier on the list, he'll be top twenty five top twenty five. Absolutely. I didn't realize I only know really as you know, an NFL coach and a wonderful guy in an ex player I never saw him play. So like Jean grecko says he's by far the best cornerback this organization's ever say. Yes. Out of this, and his infant Mike, going to be the only one from eighty five. I the defense why every hour, William Perry Willie Gault will. That's true. Oh more. Okay. William at okay he hasn't been on. So it's going to be a top twenty one and Peres will be top twenty five five. He was in the middle guy in the oh, come on now. He he's top one hundred. But he's top one hundred every top one hundred and if he's not on the list. Yeah, I don't I would not have put them in the top twenty five. I wouldn't I'm gonna look him up. Now, let me see what my guess is twenty two twenty from the eighty five team are going to make it look. I'll tell you this. I played with William to he was a fantastic player. I thought Charles Tillman was a better overall player than Williams. Carrie is probably better overall player me to Williams career was, you know, he played nine years here in Chicago Williams. So it's a little bit more than I thought he did twenty and a half say, twenty eight and a half sex. Yeah. I mean for good player, don't get me wrong but a tapped one five bear. I didn't think he made top twenty either. Unless we missed them. I don't think he's been on the list yet. Has he goes, I'm almost positive? No refrigerator Perry was on the list you would like does he get the bonus points because fridge Bainian football maybe could be. But is the is the guy with the same resume who didn't carry the football take the nation by storm. Is he really top twenty five? Let's let's book. Let's put pup Pearson Pompey for tomorrow. He I think Pearson was on earlier this week. We can talk to Dan. Now, don't get me wrong when especially when he was early before his knees. And everything started giving him trouble was a fantastic player. Great athlete. You know, obviously, you know, everyone knew he could dunk, a basketball earlier in his career, apple the table to the other thing he would do the most popular on Gilbert, too, right? He couldn't play though. Certainly one of the most popular bears. He was he was fantastic on all. I'm saying is top twenty five seems a bit a bit high better than Lance bricks. Yes. To give you a bunch of names. Fencing Tillman crew tes I is going to be twenty two. You mean Owen crew? If you're telling me, you know, who, who was, I bring up in the meeting that he's better than I don't know. I just think that if you want in crew tes on your football team to set a culture on, you know, you were asking the question, would you rather have all in cruiser Devin Hester, or who should be high? No not. You me. I'm Devin Hester fan crew drafting you could have this guy set a culture middle of offensive line with toughness, Olin crews, or you want, Devin Hester, who's played twelve hundred plays a year, I'd want all no question every time you it was going to be in the top twenty five and I'm playing against Dolan. Oh, yeah, yeah. I'm so guy his size. It's like J one thousand nine hundred now I thought be being the top fifteen to be honest. Strong.

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