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Yes. For my teenager. There's anything legitimate out there. So a lot of the opportunities to work on your own schedule or work from your home. You have to be typically twenty one years old, but that's not true for all of them. And I've got a guide at Clark dot com. They don't know if you've seen that is a guide to legitimate work at home opportunities, your teenager can walk through the various things there. See what intrigues her? And then the ones that interest her click on it. And and see what would be involved in see if she would qualify and a lot of teenagers. If she has art talent do very well running their own business on Oetzi. Does she have any innate or natural art ability now more into like gaining the video games? I did search for the teenage will teenagers work from home, and I found some sites, but I didn't know if they were really legitimate. And that's you know, that is the very very difficult part. And you're so right Debbie to question because it's unfortunate thing for me to say, but. Gosh, I hate to even say what I'm about to say. But almost all sites advertised for work at home are not legitimate. It's very rare that a work at home site is the real deal and is legit. I really struggle. A lot of people struggle. What can their kids do? Right. So what we'll do. We have this vetted list of legitimate work at home. We'll go dig into each of them. And we'll put some kind of note there if they do allow teenagers to do the work, and that would be an easy way for people to see the west and also see if.

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