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Know he lost. Over a billion dollars in a decade in the eighties and nineties he was broke. No Bank would lowly penny. Public portion of the mullahs reports that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia when it comes to the question of obstruction of Justice, many members of congress say Muller left at up to them. They also say attorney general William bar skewed that part of the report in favor of the president. As if he were the president's attorney, not the nation's attorney now the full house will vote on the contempt of congress citation, although when is still undecided. Linda Kenyon, Washington. We're coming up on ten after the hour as the House Judiciary committee was acting. The Trump White House was declaring that the entire Muller report is covered by executive privilege. It could prove to be a big gray area. Legally. Bob Costantini explains. A committee was taking action. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders out with a statement, claiming chairman Jerry Nadler's request for an unredacted Muller report was unlawful and reckless quote faced with your Menendez blatant abuse of power and that the attorney general's request. The president has no other option that protective assertion of executive privilege by saying the attorney general recommended the White House claiming -secutive privilege over the unredacted Muller report. The way press secretary, Sarah Sanders, sees it. The attorney general is actually upholding the law executive privilege is usually claimed regarding president interactions with his aides a world leaders as a way to allow for Frank discussions since the Muller report does not kit that type of scenario Sanders,.

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