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On WLS Mankato six to nine. Now that we have a new governor. I think you can get up to around four hundred people a day leaving with all the new taxes plants nine government by media. Now, it's the cable them network. Cello heads cable, it's horrible. Rush limbaugh. Eleven to two. Is not about what's best for feet, liberalism is purely and simply about the acquisition and holding power Cup of coffee or ten W L S AM eight nine thousand nine news and talk W L S AM, eight ninety. York times. My foot doesn't come out of Moscow. The not interested. Lift weights, new Hindu, John whippy. Cheers. You remember him? Jeopardy. Well. I don't want to get into that hate fest. That is the democrat party the anti-christian bigots the anti white racist. They need jerk anti everything reasonable democrat party. They hate Karen pants. She works at Christmas at a Christian school. How dare she? They're they're really sort of the army of Satan here on earth, at least they're dozens of indicators that might suggest that. Sure, many of them are unaware. But before I get into that. And I have the audio and we're going to post the we have this video very.

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