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Health experts have unfortunately been waiting for two cases of the South African Corona virus variant have shown up in Maryland, Double d T. O. P. S. K. Ryan tells you where and what health leaders are saying about. Dr Travis Gales of Montgomery County Health officer briefed the county Council and told them that two cases of the South African variant of covert 19 our travel related not the result of community spread. Governor Larry Hogan later tweeted that the State Health Department and the CDC confirmed that the two cases in Montgomery County were in fact the South African strain of the Corona virus. Ah variant that is reportedly more easily spread, Gail's told the county Council, the Maryland Department of Health is increasing its capability and capacity to do sequencing on those viral strains to be able to detect. The presence of those very in cases keep Brian w. T o p News. Meantime, Montgomery County could soon restart indoor dining amid a drop of coronavirus cases, it would become the last jurisdiction in the state to do it. But officials in the county stress they still don't think it's a safe option. Draft executive order to allow indoor dining in some capacity is being sent to the county Council tonight. The order has to be approved by the council. The final sign off isn't likely until next week. Now to the school's some local students are back in class, while others are getting ready to return. In the coming weeks. We have team coverage starting in Fairfax County, where the return date for in person learning has been a moving target. It's double DT Opie's Dick Uliano tells us the Fairfax County School board now has a new day to consider school superintendents. Outbreak Brand, citing a downward trend in covert cases, and the county's positivity rate has proposed to the school board that students returned to school buildings next month. It is our desire to return all of our students to in person learning by March 16th at least two days a week break brands. His vaccinations are progressing for teachers and staff. And school principals agree to the timeline. The proposal gruesome early support from school members, including Carl fresh, I'll start by saying I'm generally supportive of the timeline as presented, the school board will vote on the plan until Thursday night. Dick Uliano. W T O P. News he was back to school today for some D C kids about 9000 of the city's 52,000 students return to their classrooms. There was a lot of social distancing and some nervous Mom's and Dad's very excited. Captain Bania is 1/10 grader here. Columbia Heights Education campus in Northwest This is her first day back to the classroom in months despite her mother's hesitation, that's all you're am Metis. See,.

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