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I says lying in the video I've never lied, but let's go. Yeah. No I got a text message here about Cameron. Grimes. Person says he's incredible. That's all I can say needs to be pushed to them on. The Bar Mitzvah Triangle Pop Regal without years that. So, what I'm GonNa do is I'm going to give the short version this 'cause I got a lot to say tonight. All right. But in general. The camera grimes. Dexter. Love match. was into. Parts okay. The first. Haunted House of horror part was. They were actually in a house somewhere. Okay. The second part they were doing some wrestling moves in the ring. Now. Justified US here I'll get to justify him tell my thoughts. So this Dexter loomis character I've ranted and raved for months now. A right guy does a good job playing a character. He's playing a character that sucks and pro wrestling to disaster. It's a calamity. Okay. But you know what? Picture loomis is a creep in a horror movie. That's his character. So maybe I'm the only one. But when they were in the house. And they put the big splash graphic about the screen haunted house of horror whatever there's blood dripping off of it. It was a spoof. On every awful horror movie ever and you know they gave us an awful horror movie. I got what was advertised in that segment. Dexter loomis he just had to be a creepy serial killer. Cameron grimes is fantastic. No, it was nowhere near as good as the bone yard match, but it was a lot closer to the bone yard match then anything else and quite frankly quite frankly dexter in the haunted house of horrors in a bad horror flick in a horrible b-movie is better than when he's in the ring. So I did not hate in any way. The first part where they were just doing a awful horror movie. That's supposed to be a awful horror movie. Okay. But then. Then they go back to the building and they get in the ring. Well. Now it's supposed to be a wrestling match. And what do we have? We have. Smoke randomly rising from the ring, the ring on fire. We have zombies. We have literal zombies, undead people getting into the ring. Decks loomis now needs to be a professional wrestler doing this gimmick. Once again, it became a calamity. So I don't have the words on this National Radio Show to express my hatred for what happened when they ended up in the ring together. But as far as when they were in the House to know or movie whatever grapevine. As the three minutes is supposed to be bad. It was supposed to be a movie. Once you get in the ring and you start doing this crap. No I don't like it. That's my thoughts on the haunted house of war I swung both ways. Do you still As far as comparing it to the WRESTLEMAINIA match with. Bray Wyatt Johnson that wasn't a match that was a Vignette but Brian. So. If you're telling me that after everything that they did in the Wrestlemainia main event if they would have stumbled to the ring and without zombies gotten a pin would that have changed your mind on the match listen Mike I'm just going off of your if you trove add match if you love. The Bray White Johnson and match good for you. But? The only way. To even begin to suspend your disbelief for the John A match..

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