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And weather on the eighth Specter, Jack Taylor on the traffic center. Maryland Beltway topside out of Lucca moving heavy now move from New Hampshire Avenue over toward Georgia Avenue. Slowest traffic seems to be between New Hampshire and University. For now. Now there's reports of a truck that is dropping its load You've got at this point in Landover inner loop, headed down toward 202 unclear left her right side of the roadway. But state highway crews are aware and headed to the scene as quickly as they can get their 2 70 coming out of Drink south. We got a little bit of heavy traffic apparently down near 109. Nothing reporting your way yet relatively quiet between the Beltway's 95 in the B W. Parkway, South found beat up There's been a crash before 100 over on the left shoulder. Then down here, 1 75. You just got your volume you will find to 10 north and your Swan Creek road. There'd been an earlier crash and it sounds like lanes are open. Now in Chevy Chase. He's West highway between Jones Mill Road and Grub Road. We were down to a single lane. Getting by sounds like the utility workers gone. All your travel lanes are open in Virginia crews were checking Both the George Washington Parkway and Slater's Lane could be on Slater's lane. We had a reported crash reported accident Down in Stafford North bound on Route one Down Your Telegraph Road in Vienna, seven West Before Lewisville Road. There'd been an earlier accident, the rough pavement dealing with the delays in Centerville on 28 Going north between Compton wrote a new Braddock road. That's the ongoing milling and paving project that has been causing some slowdowns. Earlier, We had a reported vehicle fire and Woodbridge on the Prince William Parkway, it was reported between glance Key Boulevard in Smoketown. You may be under direction if there's still trouble flashing traffic signals on Sterling Boulevard, the intersection with Davis Dr Earlier we had Louden County sheriff on scene so unclear if they're back online or if you are still under direction. Attention wssc water customers. Late fees resume June 1st need help. Call today or visit wssc water dot com slash assistance. Jack Taylor w T o P. Traffic, Okay. Lauren Rickets joins us with the forecast here. Not the prettiest day out there learn. Definitely not. And we're gonna continue to see the clowns throughout the day. Even some rain showers out there right now,.

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