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Do you have a portfolio or a studio where your home selling your your your art? for me know mostly because the what I do with my photography is For those who would like to have something whether it's a something that they want to download or or something that they want to have printed. I like to be able to offer the gift of Photography and make something memorable for that person actually relates to themselves. So finding an image of their favorite driver or they're fake, you know favorite sequence of turns or things like that. I'm able to give them something like that. I don't monetize my photos because the last time I took a part of my career and applied money to it when it came up action. I lost the passion and so I haven't wanted to do that yet specifically because that happened I used to teach middle school high school percussion. And when I added the money value to it and then there became a cost motivator. I lost the passion for what I had and it became $1,000 per minute versus the smile $4 off. Sort of a thing and I kind of ruined that and so with this because I don't need it to supplement my income. I can enjoy myself and I can actually go out and try to create art because I can't draw to save my life. But occasionally I can press that shutter and I can get a really really amazing image that I'm very happy with and it makes all of those hours worth it to go out for a 6 hour endurance race off and come home with one amazing image that when I look at it says you do know what you're doing. That's all it matters to me. For boxing I'm normally hired by a promoter or a publication. So that's how how I perceive monetize that I much rather do that than having a great day to sales because what happens is when it's when it's your time, it's your time. So what I've come to find out is more customers will actually like off to hire me to imitate work that is opposite of what I do based on the work I do which think is interesting. So I pretty much leave my my phone numbers to my boxing work and individual pieces of that work. You can enjoy it, but I don't really make a make a point to sell it. However, I do I am in the process of putting a book together seeing how that works. You had a book girl. You had a coffee table-style book at one time. No, that's my portfolio. Okay, well talked to the how can someone get a copy of that? I mean you show pictures already know I'm trying to make you a couple of dollars here. I understand but that is what I would take to if I was to be bidding on a job. Okay, so when you walk walk into the door or you walk into my studio and you say well, okay. Well we heard your pitch. What's the evidence of what you can do? Yeah, and then I'll lay that out for them. I got that from the modeling wage. There's normally that's how they'll do business. They'll take their book from from agency to agency. So I decided to be different and have a book for when I talk to people about my my boxing photography. I love it. I love it. I like the Synergy among split both of you said as well. You're you're doing what you do because you love doing doing it. When you when bring in external factors monetization Financial those kinds of things there's a there's a chance that you can lose that drive lose that passion and I thought you said that really resonates with me. I mean the whole idea of the only blessing for me out of covid-19 been able to lock down and and get it NFL team but News live up and burning more effectively than I have over the past ten years..

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