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Live from washington dc now it's a big deal for me i've always liked the french army they'll put them down just because we didn't like him like for one year we weren't weren't allowed to like remember when you eat french fries like a stupid period in america like ten years ago i don't eat french fries i'm against the french i didn't even know what it was about i've always liked french fries in that sense i share something with michelle obama something wrong with french fries i wonder what they're going to serve tomorrow i can't imagine probably too rich for me but i'll have to eat it anyway well i know many of your calling you want me to talk about the highspeed van running people over arrested after flings but no one knows that we as yet they'll probably say it's a man known to the police had mental problems but you'll never see him months laid it all identify what that's the way it is the other one you know already the white not that one already has been shown on a maniac that one was with the waffles geez but what can you do it's over so tomorrow will be another shooting somewhere look the fact of the matter is we live in a time of madness it's a time of peace it's a time of war time of love at the time of hate well how do you live through these moments how you supposed to navigate your way through times of madness you're free to go out of the house you're shut in you gotta go back your business lead your life as though it's still a good world is no other way to do it you cannot let the madman you can't let you cannot let the terrorist dictate your life and these are very worrisome times there's no question about it crazy people with vans with guns with waffles with knives you see the.

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