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Both today and into the future. No of you or someone you know is limping along with an older Mac book. Monday's news is probably vexing. While apple says the first apple silicon Mac will be out later this year. It doesn't say what form factor that machine will be. Desktop laptop big or small. Right now it's anybody's guess. If the time for a new MAC is near a piece from seeing that offers a few things to consider. If you're thinking about a thirteen inch, macbook, pro or a thirteen inch macbook air. The site says you can probably go ahead and pull the trigger. Both machines were updated recently. Both are well spanked. The site doesn't expect those machines to be among the first support. Apple Silicon. If the need is pressing seeing that. You're good to go. If you're a photo or video, guy or Gal specifically a photoshop or final cut pro type consider wading is see nuts advice. Both. Those apps were said by to be up and running on apple silicon that could mean future development of those apps may tilt strongly toward apple silicon from now on according to the site. If you use a lot of native APPs from smaller developers seen that says go ahead and grab an Intel Mac decides not sure that APPs from small indie teams or ones that are no longer actively supported will get timely transitions. It battery life is your biggest concern. The site says wait for Apple Silicon. With the ability to control not only software and hardware, but also the platform, the site suspects will see bigger battery life gains from New Max whenever they arrive. If you run windows through boot, camp seen that you. May want to go ahead and grab an Intel Mac or at the very least wait for more information. And finally if you're a Gamer. Really, And actually says that. The site doesn't see much hope for ports of PC, games by ESTEEM, working for apple silicon. But the peace says the ability to run I O, s and I pat Os apps easily along with game controller support. Could, make, future, Apple Arcade Games more ambitious. So. I guess, you're just supposed to flip a coin on that one. Reaction from the financial in a moment, but first a word from sun basket, delivering healthy delicious meals straight to your door. You know what I liked before the great hunker down. Going out to eat. I didn't do it often, but when things got dull, a night out was nice. Nights out. Don't seem nice right now. The you can still get a bit of that variety with Sun Basket. Sun Basket has delicious recipes for all kinds of dietary preferences including Paleo Gluten Free Mediterranean vegetarian and more. No, it's not.

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