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To fox please drowning and iris data if you can't afford to pay your IRS debt due to economic hardship you can now be free of iris collection efforts by taking advantage of a special IRS tax hardship program this program allows Americans who owe the IRS to resolve their delinquent tax debt once and for all in some cases maybe even reducing what you owe significantly an open phone line has been established by community tax for consumers to call and see if they qualify simply dial eight hundred eight nine four oh three oh six if you owe back taxes to the IRS and cannot afford to pay them back or have years of un file tax returns help is standing by just call the community tax helpline today at eight hundred eight nine four oh three oh six for the help that you need don't take on the IRS alone they can attack your wages savings pensions home and even your social security check call eight hundred eight nine four oh three oh six to see if you qualify that's eight hundred eight nine four oh three oh six W. CB a loose on two oh three I'm Michael Phillip Ellie on the six eighty WCBS Maryland news center with the headlines in the news this hour Baltimore police training required under a federal consent decree has been slowed down because the code nineteen outbreak a monitoring team that has been following the police department's reform efforts says crucial training had to be halted because more than four hundred officers have been quarantined the team also says the department has been stretched thin by enforcement of the governor stay at home order Baltimore county police are investigating the death of a woman whose body was found this morning in the Windsor mill home on chip in him laying our place police haven't released any more details in.

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