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Just enter this nationwide keyword on our website Son. That's son into it. Now I'm really coming in the great American In about 45 minutes or so. Reds baseball kicks off about 1 50. Speech about to 10. They're going to complete the game about five or six more innings to go and Washington because of the rain last night in the nation's capital, And then after that, they're going to play a seven inning game, starting about 7 10, but until then, Have not heard from Brian Tome and several weeks and a month or two without tome is a month or two without sunshine, Brian Tome Welcome again to the Bill Cunningham Show and Reverend, How are you? William, I am fantastic and yourself. I couldn't be much better. There's always difficulties. There's always challenges all by call them opportunities I read in the Enquirer and elsewhere that Can you believe 25 years have gone by this quickly, and you're going to donate seriously? Money toe represent them like $2.5 million, But let's go back 25 years ago. What did you see in the Queen City? Having not been a native that many here did not see that cause you to begin Crossroads But one thing I saw that people wanted me. Yeah, it was 11 people. You said, Hey, we want these things called a pastor. Why don't you come to Cincinnati and we will guarantee your salary for a year And we've got this little phase account of $15,000 for our life in this trying to make this church for People who have given up on church would have necessarily given up on God. And I mean that wasn't compelling to me On a day when everyone complains about things, that one thing something to be done different Have 11 30 year old put their butts on the line and say I'm gonna pour my life in this. I'm gonna cap out the home equity credit line, but I have to try to make this happen. Just stunning to me. I mean, who does those things anymore? I think we have the culture just become too passive, and we're not going after dreams. That's the main thing I'm thankful for right now. And so, a small group of religious renegades Said that we don't like the status of religion in the truck. But why pick Brian Tome and you weren't you weren't from here. What was the connection that cause you to come here another? You're in Pittsburgh. I think. When you were contacted. Why were you ready to do it? They were the only one who would have me. That's why No, no, no husband. Give me a job. That's why No one else would take a shot on me. And yet they put an ad in the back of the magazine. And I read the magazine by the at night I sent in my resume. And when you came, Yeah, I can't believe I've never heard this story. So arrest Yeah, Back of it, And you just happened to read it and said, Okay, I'll drive the Cincinnati Yeah. Phone interviews with him, and that's the phone interviews. They came and saw me but two of them came to Pittsburgh and saw me and said, OK, you seem like you're not an ax murderer. Something like that. And then they called me like a day later said OK, you're the guy you want to do this Head immediately. My feet went cold like we hear about people having cold feet. I real that right there was a physiological reality. My feet went cold. I also was immediately constipated that was aired poop bliss. I mean, he's a real bitch. He's a real physical. Oh, my God! I got the job. What do I do now? I know, like my gonna leave my denomination, my home city. My friends that are in Pittsburgh. My extended family and my wife was the more faithful one. She said, Honey, we gotta do this. We would hate the Hear how this thing takes off, and you said no to it, so We did We stepped up and move. Not tell your Cincinnati from day one. As soon as we met with those we drove the first time in the sense that he started. No people, we said this place is Very much like Pittsburgh accepted to step up in class. And no. Where'd you go? You wouldn't a church crossroads did not exist and says so. I understand there was some PNG Proctor is involved in this but crossroads that was there a business plan. Was there a game plan? What was the plan? No. Yeah, We're no plane. No, no, no. No business plan. We're just like, Hey, let's start doing Sunday Services and try not to bore people. Let's just let's just do that. And, uh, in a word people asked me today, Bill, they said well, degeneracy. Russia is being what it is today and no, absolutely not No one. No one ever did. No one ever had a goal or a plan for to be what it is Nobody which I actually liked because Keeps us humble because we know we're not this good. It's a thing of God. And it's not questions is if everybody for sure I mean different churches or different folks. But there's so many things that are beyond what we could have planned or strong arm that God got ends up getting the glory because we know we're not that good. So at this point How many facilities how many members across roads across all the states and the platforms. Uh, right now we have 10 facilities or or renting renting some places from Lexington date in Columbus, and then you know, seven or so we've got here around in Cincinnati, Westside East Side. Oakley, Uptown Mason, Florence. And the big thing is really growing with us that we're doing new is just trying to reach people across the country rich people who don't want to go into a building with our digital digital church experience, and that's that's really been taken off the last several months. How many total people to total parishioners. Well, if you're asking, like how many people actually come into buildings right now are last weekend Attendance. Sexy people come into building, I think was 24,000. You know, Covert has done a number on us. It was much more than that, but that's fine. May I? I'm not gonna look back and say, Well, what I used to bench press in high school. But what I run a 10-K in college. Who cares what the past was? It just stopped looking back to what covert was before and say. Where I am right now. How do I build from now? So that's what we have now in buildings, and we've got probably another. Oh, uh, probably another. 20 to 30,000 around the country. They're engaged every week with our with our vigil Church. What would Brian Tome circa? 2021 may 27th. What message would you give? The 25 year ago, Brian Tome and the mid 19 nineties. What message would you have sent to him? I would have told him. Don't Work yourself to a bone and sacrifice some things in the family that you did. There were days I worked longer than I had to. And it wasn't a commensurate fruit. There were things that I did earn people's approval. In the midst of it. I didn't get my family's approval all time. One time, my love life. I had a conversation. But today I'm I'm really sorry that Crossroads with my mistress. And she said, crossword with your mistress, I was your mistress. So I poured too much into the in the church in the early days that still poor lot into it. But there was a lot of Trying to make my mark on the world and just going really, really hard to build this thing, And I wish I would have Biltmore into my family members. In that moment, my family is all good. We're very united family, my kids. Are all engaged the church they love Jesus. They're going the right direction. But I have had huge but I'll give you one of them. I remember one day, my daughter. I think like five she was doing cart wheels. And I was so stressed out by things, the church and things that were happening here in there. I just I just came unglued. I should stop with the cart wheels. Enough. I'll just And she looked at me with this. Look on her face that I'll never forget. And it's one of my biggest regret to this day. Um, I just was too immersed in my work. I wish I could tell myself the 30 year old Bill build things that's fine, but don't get carried away here. 25 years from now. It's very likely I will not be on the radio. The year will be 2020 40 20 forties 2046 25 years from now, 2046 25 years. You're gonna math, William. How you still good in math. I thought you were just a beautiful face. No, Tony, and you're trying to change 25 years from now it is 2046. Where is Brian Tone? I really have no idea because if you'd asked me that 25 years ago, I would have never predicted I was where I was right now. My hope is that I'm.

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