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Phone calls as always eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six good show with kim a good conversation there we hope to continue that and you people will be a big part of that i did listen to kim on the way in and i did hear the caller disgusts sapolu goes good performance very good performance last night and i tweeted about it last night and he was disappointed that mickey callaway did not immediately say south lugos a starter or yeah we really wanna get seth into the rotation we're excited about it he deserves it and what is interesting and the dynamic now in baseball is to ask yourself the question just who's more valuable and how many starters do you want like let's put it this way let's assume that everybody's just pitcher because you're not gonna start chapman and it wouldn't be in anybody's best interest to start a chapman type so let's assume for argument's sake that other than closers everybody else on your staff is just a pitcher right all capable of throwing four or five innings all of them my question to you is this how many of them would you like to be starters in other words if you have your best pitcher like severino for example or degrom i think it's pretty clear you'd want him to start because they go deep in games and they give you your best opportunity to win by pitching two thirds or more of the game now what about the second guy what about the second guy or the third guy what about those guys are you better off having those guys pitch three times a week and relief or once a week as the starter given that the innings might well be the same or pretty darn close to it so i posed the question on.

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