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So y'all wanna give some credit there Lyle let's land this plane. You have six surprises. Your sixth is actually my favorite. Because i love this kid tell me Why don't you introduce them for our listeners. Yeah i've been if you've been reading my stuff all offseason. I have been pounding the table for pass rush up. I'm like we do not have enough outside. Pass rush will you please go get some more And and i'm. I'm fine with them playing chris jones out there but you saw clear passing down. They were sliding chris jones back inside. So you're still going to need some guys on the outside. That can get pass rush in man. If tim ward wasn't the best outside. Pass rusher in that game. On saturday in. And i'm including frank clark in that conversation I don't know what game you're watching. Because i thought he was clearly the best On the field. And i kind of just wasn't letting myself go there with him this off season. He had the sack in the san diego game when they rested a bunch of the starters at the end of the year And so then you're kinda gone okay. The guy down sack and looked okay. But it's it's one week. I don't know that you can. You can count on that. But then they come out in the first preseason game in lick fantastic and get to sacks and it's very similar to me to what i said about The wide receiver core. Where it's like. It's not like you've gotta out some unbeatable guys to get playing time there. I mean i hope. Taco charleston is effective this year You know i hope Oh my gosh. I'm blanking on the guy that they resigned like the four. Yes thank you okafor. I hope okeafor can stay healthy for once in play well but those are the kinds of guys that were needs to beat out for playing time. I don't think that's a big ask at this point. I mean if those guys are clearly better than him great. They play if he's clearly better than they are. They don't have any long term investment in those guys similar to what i said about the wide receivers so man. I am now cheering for tim. Were to be good so hard. Because since they didn't go out in design any big pass rush hell man if he could be even just like an average edge. Pass rusher at the nfl level. Signed me up. We need those guys. Go tim ward. So you're saying. Tim needs to ward off. Okeafor and joshua canedo well done that is exactly what i'm saying. Ward up okay. Cameo man a..

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