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Know and you know one thing i want to bring up his family you know we screened for they had reached out to us and you know she's always just been a name associated with with one word which is chappaquiddick and votto and bring her to life kmart did a great job and you know they really appreciate it we screened it for them and you know they finally feel like she's got a voice in all this and that's very satisfying for us jason clark plays ted kennedy and he was we know him from thirty and some other films and in the excerpts i've seen i mean he looks enough like ted kennedy that you can suspend disbelief and say okay that's the kennedy so you gotta get close but you want to be exact yeah no he resembles him anyway and we chief enhancement in hair that with the clothes you know people you know they certainly knew ted know really feel that that that they're just swept i don't think it's anybody else pretend that's that's good and it's not you know he's not well known enough where where you go right after so and so ted kennedy and i think that was important for an actor to be able to kind of dive into the role and you know he went to the site with our director you know months before shooting and did that long walk and actually jumped in poach pond and and held his breath for about eight eight seconds and you really kinda got into character and and and you know if you go to that same location you know it felt haunted you know and going to be able to do that to get into character mark short he's with us producer chappaquiddick depicting ted kennedy's involvement in the accident dach apathetic nineteen sixty nine the killed capacity and it's coming out on april six up and as i say there's always a west virginia connection you played basing played pro baseball for a while but you also played baseball at maryland at maryland when the football rivalry between wvu in maryland was peeking when hostetler quarterbacking for west virginia and boomer esiason was quarterback in for maryland so see there's always a connection always a connection mark.

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