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Don't make sense. Maybe this does. You mean that trigger wouldn't let you put it on halter? That's right. Reared in kicked squally Brandon. Certainly doesn't sound like figure. Where's the sheriff's now? Doc mills drugstore, they get it analyzed. That's where we're headed. No. Yes. Just down the street here. Roy, can you think of anybody around here with a grudge against home? Shook snow ROY Tom was everybody's brand. He didn't have an enemy in the world. Sure. Sure. I'm sure why. Well, there was just one thing. Tom and Bob Finley. Fella lives here in town. Small ranch, lack Tom did in Tom always trying to outdo each other. Could raise the best prize competing in rodeos fellow one all the prize money today? Yeah. That's a fellow but he never would've wanted to Tom EDNA. Hey rule. You don't think? I don't think nothing yet. This is a drugstore. Yeah. Sure. Folks. Report. Bob Finley around Finley since this morning. Morning rodeo, why. Well, ROY was asking me. Nick new for you. This is ROY Rogers Dale Evans that Brady Tom. Come up a holder, belong mister Rogers horse figure Tom was Bronco event. You don't say. You ever been to south America South America? We've never been out of the United States. Why did you find on that road? Yep. Here. Harry, Harry, what's that? Mammon comes from South America, you might say, the deadliest poison in the world..

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