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The indecent proposal allegedly took place back in two thousand fifteen the padilla just decided to file a complaint with the florida commission will ethics in january this year she told the palm beach post i'm finally strong enough my feet or on the ground now i'm finally feeling strong enough to come forward with this but the acclaimed this wasn't the first time the mayor propositioned her she says the two had been friends that about three years ago when they were driving in stewart's car after lunch he pulled into a motel parking lot she told the post that stewart want them to get a room and have sex but she declined they left the town approved speed bumps anyway destroying to prove that you'll have to have sex to give speed speedbump or sometimes speed bumps gets get in the way of sex i don't i can help works the mayor of course told the post these accusations were totally and completely fault i will not dignify them by komo commenting i continue to focus on doing the best for the residents of our town in our community getting speedboats we should ask you should kollek mirror hinkel mayor to your search will do we have to get your prostitute in order to get a speedbump somewhere there are the worst speed bumps were the gulf terminal i went to have lunch yesterday and i can tell you where but the speed bumps given the parking lot absolutely suck do you ever dodge speed bumps now parking lot angie yep like tonight dipping army cars in the parking lot involves also worth at the parking lot.

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