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There's another minute left of us. I'm good. Right? I I like the his backup singers. Yeah, it's kinda got like a another replacements kind of thing. Yeah, it sounds good. I will come up with a poll question correct. Mclovin. Oh yeah, it's gonna be great. You gotta co. Oh, what topic? By the way Jalen Jalen Ramsey is taken dead aim on every Jalen Ramsey better. Have a great year this year. Now he called out gronk consid- gronk not that good either it call it out quarterbacks getting the wide receivers. Yeah, you have to explain his motivation at some point to us. I'm not sure. Maybe he's just honest. Has he had a good month or a bad month? I'm curious. We'll talk about that a little bit. He's lane kiffin Florida, Atlantic university, head coach, and he joins his continental tire coaches corner. They got Oklahoma coming up Saturday at noon, eastern and coach joins us. Now, coach could have you back. How are you. Gray, Dan me. Why is Florida Atlantic the owls. That's a good question. I should probably know that. I haven't. I haven't stayed there long. Did you did you schedule Oklahoma, or is that already on the books for Florida Atlantic. That was already on. They do that stuff, four or five years in Vance. Do you? Are you okay being tested like this? Not not. Many coaches go, hey, can't wait to go to Oklahoma top ten team start out my season..

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