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The we will fall the greater career lawyer would you rather well that's not fair though because that's not fair because tony who is on a lot of really bad teams like that's not his fault and they're going to be people who say well i'd rather beyond the the the i'd rather be the i did take up the world series twice he did but he also was on a lot of nine i lost he he was lifted has ally understanding o i get i don't like the way john frame the question reiterating got that ring ronca now while zero later in '83 i mean it was very early in his career giannino mvp the euro okay i got one another i believe ninety one that's what he did anyone to he won it twice whoever bp multiple lanka thank you john john no we love you just can't stay warm alright later i think he's one of those days we'd no way jon heyman i think we got to him today but i don't think it's a debate i really don't i think tony adams clearly the better player than cal ripken journey that it was just clear your argument to me i mean i know the time the nobody's it in three thirty eight lifetime who's the one s leads fair to bring up mvp because if you look at tony's like three or four best years the padres lost ninety games every year she wasn't going to get those votes and he wasn't a power hitter so we know the bias against guys that don't hit home rugged i thought my head that went to a vps in our northam was at me it's not the end i'll be off roger mirrors won backtoback he's on all they know they'll murphy one two backtoback to he's not all the bureau as all i mean it will what does it mean it doesn't mean that much thai three thirty eight is adjectival bright magical agreed we'll come back with your calls eight seven seven three three seven 66 66 chris mannix will join us at five o'clock shane varying coming up as well but.

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