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Brian Calvert. He's at the State Department of transportation's traffic management center in shoreline, Brian and Greg. I kind of have a bird's eye view of all the freeways just from this vantage point after all along the far wall of the traffic manager management center over a hundred LCD screens each showing a certain portion of the local. Freeways, for example. All is right now are on north and southbound I five south of Seattle were travel times have crept up a lot higher than they normally would be this time of day. That's because people without that highway ninety nine option as a matter of fact, most people who are still insisting on using highway ninety nine member probably the best way to get off. If you're going northbound ninety nine is to exit right there after the first avenue bridge onto first avenue, if you're gonna take highway ninety nine from the north area, you're gonna take it all the way to any way and natural. You're going to have to get off the for that. Because of course, the viaducts closed. But again, the biggest issue doesn't seem to be the bridges or the east side this morning. It's is five and mainly that commute from Federal Way to Seattle where it's up over an hour. Normally not doesn't take that long this time of day. But we're gonna continue to keep an eye on the situation as these situations develop. We'll have updates for us. So you can navigate. Around all of these cars live in shoreline at the traffic management center. Brian Calvert, KOMO news over the weekend workers demolished a small portion of the viaduct near the stadiums. David sours with the state DOT says they took part of an existing viaduct on ramp. The demo there was to create openings for the new Dearborn street that will be opened up on in early February. And that's the last demolition scheduled until after the tunnel opens Selo, plenty of non demolition work remains with all the careful planning that went into all of this transportation. Leaders are facing an unexpected problem pedestrians trying to walk onto the structure to enjoy the traffic free views almost Corwin Hake is live with why this is considered a bad idea. Guys. This began Friday night with a celebratory crowd walking up shut down ramps to revel in glorious views three up, traffic and.

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