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From ABC News. I'm Dave Packard President Trump on tape trying to overturn his defeat in Georgia. ABC is Mark Malard report In audio of the Call obtained by The Washington Post, Trump tells Georgia's Republican secretary of state Brad Raffles Burger, one of fine Uh, 11,780 Well, Trump asks him about conspiracy theories regarding Dominion voting machines, which Rapids Burger shoots down. Sure, right. I'm sure. Trump nevertheless continued to assert voting machines were tampered with, and told Rapids Burger he should announce he's re examining the results. Mark Graham, a lard ABC News with President Trump and president he like Biden, traveling to Georgia tomorrow on the eve of a Senate run off election that could change the party that controls the Senate to Democratic winds would do that Republican incumbent Senator David produced sideline for a covert quarantine. We had someone test positive yesterday morning and according to CDC guidelines and our doctor's recommendations, We with an abundance of caution. We've decided to go into quarantine these last few days. It's terrible timing, but we're not gonna miss the steps speaking on CNN's state of the union as covert rates continue to soar nationwide, the vaccine rollout has been slower than projected by Operation Warp speed. But Dr Fauci on ABC is this week's his vaccinations are gaining momentum and says If the small packs smallpox vaccine of the forties could get done this certainly good to New York City in March and April of 1947 vaccinated 6,350,000 people. Five million of which they did in two weeks. I was a six year old boy who was one of those who got vaccinated. So if New York City conduced five million in two weeks, the United States could do a million a day. 117th Congress convening today. First Order of business for the House elected speaker. A familiar name The Honora Nancy Pelosi of the State of California. You're listening to ABC News. If you aren't with the stray insurance now is the time to switch and save a lot of money. Australia has partnered with progressive to give Florida drivers the lowest price hands down. Visit Australia insurance dot com From the extra insurance traffic center slowdowns remain in Dade County. The support is sponsored by the Crones and the latest foundation. Looks like we still have some remnants from that broken known vehicle. I 95 cell phone. You're either very road. Plenty of delay is going into that corner. The crone's that going..

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